Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

My Colorado kids and grandchildren dressed as the Yo Gabba Gabba family!

We are on our way to see little Mason dressed up for his first Halloween! Enjoy everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I love Arizona in October!

I took a last minute trip to see my mom in AZ last weekend. I forgot how beautiful AZ is in October! This is the view she enjoys each morning looking out of her family room/kitchen windows.

I could get used to this view everyday!! Enjoy your day whereever you are!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I found a little fall....

I found a little fall the other day when I took Mason for a walk. Isn't it pretty?? As you can see from the other was a beautiful fall day in southern California. A wonderful 80 degrees with beautiful blue skies and a light breeze. I'm not putting away the shorts yet! Enjoy...I did!

View from the south end of the lake.

A motorized sailboat was fun to even had people figures on the boat...look closely!

I thought this was neat...the sun poking through the tree.

Ducks enjoying the day!

Mason giving me the look!

My trees with their leaves changing...see them!!

I love clock towers...this was on the beach club building. They have a private beach inside the gates near the lake that you can use in the summer...great for small children.
I love this one with the reflection of the trees in the water...notice...all these trees are still green as are most yet here in so. cal.

Pretty huh??? Yes it is...just wish our pace of life was a bit slower to enjoy it more sometimes. I am learning to take a deep breath and look around and it's been neat to see the beautiful area that I live in and near. Have a great day wherever you are!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meet a New Blogger!

I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Cathy who has a new blog, Fullhouse Mama's Blessings . I met her a few years ago when I homeschooled my son for a year. Her joy is contagious and everyone wants to be her friend. She also needs our will you pray for her cancer surgery next Friday, October 23rd at 11am. I have so appreciated my blog friends and their encouragement...please encourage her during this time. girls are the best!

What a view!

**I realized after I was done...that I had forgot the friendship bridge photos above. Isn't it neat??

I took a walk with a friend this week up Mt. Rubidoux. This mountain is north of downtown Riverside, CA and has been said that the first sunrise service was held on this mountain in 1909. It would be an awesome place to see a sunrise or a sunset. I have wanted to walk this mountain and never found anyone willing to do it with me until recently. My friend has been doing it for a long time and now it seems that a lot of people have been walking this mountain for years. It has a cross and a flag at the top of it and a peace tower and a friendship bridge. So enjoy my walk up this wonderful historic mountain. The sky was so clear and the views were amazing on Friday.

This bridge is about half way up the mountain and to the right you wind around to the path on the way down.

Starting our walk at the bottom you see the peace tower and the cross.

Looking northwest towards Los Angeles and Pasadena. We don't usually have this great view due to the was amazing to see so far!

This road was recently paved to preserve the trail because so many use this mountain for exercise or just to get away for a short time. It's really calming to walk up this mountain although it's a workout. My heart was beating a bit faster than it usually does.

A peek of downtown Riverside from the west side of the mountain.

Looking up at the cross.

Coming around another bend.

This is where the Easter sunrise services are still held each year. Thousands of people walk up here to enjoy the view and the service. Must be amazing!

Looking at downtown and beyond!

Starting our decent we still see the cross.

I thought this lone plant was interesting growing off the side of the mountain.

On our way out of the neighborhood near the mountain we spotted this mama racoon and her three babies trying to get over this wall. She could get up and kept going up and down trying to show her babies how to do it or trying to decide how she was going to get her babies to follow her up and over the wall...Just another reminder of God and his wonderful world he made for all of us. What a great way to start my day! Thanks Evie for sharing Mt. Rubidoux with me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let It Rain!

We sang this song last weekend at Women's Retreat. It's been imbedded in my brain all week! I pray that you will be as blessed. Soraya first recorded it in Brazil in her native tongue. She received a Latin Grammy for this. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It was a blast!

Miss Bella and Sir Dylan arrived recently for a visit and what a great time we had. I got a pool from Target on clearance and boy did they enjoy that and the sand and water table that Bella has loved since she could walk. It was soooo good having all the noise and toys all over! I miss them being close and seeing them more often but I took it all in and just loved on them and was just sitting by Bella one night while she was playing and looking at her...she looked at me and said "Gramma, what you looking at me for?" I miss that girl!! Dylan is as precious as ever and just melts my heart with his big eyes and smile. His sweet yes answers to my questions remind me of his dad. Awww...good memories.

Enjoying my girl in the pool.
Dylan got his first haircut!
He loved the water hose!
He and Speed bonded with a kiss!
Isn't she precious??? Love her!!
Uncle Dustin made time for his niece and nephew and enjoyed Mr. Dyl soooo much!

Me and my boys...Dylan and Mason.
Cousins...getting to know one another!
Love this one of the four of us!! If Dylan was smiling, Bella had her eyes closed or wasn't smiling so this was the best of all of the ones taken...


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