Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Am I the ONLY One....


What fun!! Another item off my list of things to do after 50!! Ride a roller coaster that I probably wouldn't have ridden any other time. This young man's mom was visiting San Diego with my good friend Tricia and neither of them would go with him. So....I did it! Scarey and fun but way more fun after all!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to Normal!

Whew! July was a busy one for me...Idaho with my mom, a one day to Denver(got to play with my grandchildren for a day and visit with my son and DIL, Hollywood with my brother and family, Phoenix for my mom's surgery, annual lunch with wonderful PTA/Bunco friends and two weeks with my Colorado grandchildren. I am tired and am recouping. Lots of laundry, errands, back to watching Mason(which I picked up and he got to play with his cousins at grandma's house for two weeks~it was so fun watching him play with other children), getting my hair done, nails done, tending to my garden and getting back into a routine.

This was Mason yesterday at Pretend City...what a great place for kids to play and pretend with their parents/friends/grandparents.
My biggest crop of tomatoes today~12!!! They are delicious! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Give A Way!!

My friend Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer is giving away TWO signed copies of her new book. Go on over to her blog and sign up to win. It's a great gift! You can buy one from her signed or in any book store and on Amazon. Good Luck and you won't be disappointed! Click here to go to her blog!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy and Tired!!

* Courtesy of Ms. Bella!!

Bella, Dylan and Selena have been here for a week now and it's a happy time, a crazy time and so tiring! I even slept 12 hours the other night! I haven't done that in a long time. We've been to the beach, John's Incredible Pizza twice, a softball game, out to eat a few times, had play time with Mason a couple days and today is play day at grandma's. We played outside all morning and picked cucumbers and tomatoes. They ate strawberries right off the plant. We've played play doh twice today. Enjoying my last couple days with my precious grandchildren before they go home on Tuesday.

MOM UPDATE: Thank you for your prayers. My mom's surgery went very well. She is doing well. Everything is scheduled to be hooked up on Monday...she will then be my "BIONIC Mama!!" as I call her. Half of her head is shaved and she will need a trim or to shave the other side. My sister bought her some hats and scarves so she can get out of the house when she's ready right now and will probably get a wig. She is in good spirits and can't wait to see how this works.


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