Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miracles and Answered Prayer!!

Yes...God does hear our prayers and still shows us miracles today! 

Today my family received a miracle and I know that it was because of the many prayers said on behalf of my dad and our family that my dad is awake and off the ventilator for the first time in 10 days!!!  We are over the moon!!  My sister talked with him and he is glad to be awake although he doesn't remember how he got there and was amazed to find out he had been in the hospital for 13 days.  For now...we are so happy that he is once again among the living and wants to get better.  He was thirsty!!!!

Thank you to my heavenly father for answering our prayers for a sign or a miracle.  We(my brother, sisters and my dad's wife) meet with the cardiologist and pulmonologist about dad tomorrow.  I am heading to Arizona in the morning!  I'm like a little girl running to her daddy once again.  I can't wait to see him!! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

It's cloudy and cool today and I'm okay with that!  I'm glad to be home after a quick trip to Arizona to visit my dad who is very sick and in ICU at this time.  He is a bit better and breathed on his own for a couple hours yesterday.  He has been on a ventilator since last Monday and they need to get him breathing on his own.  Small steps and lots of prayer are getting him through each day.  My brother said he opened his eyes the widest and was the most responsive when I was there.

I am his FAVORITE child!!  I really am!  But aren't we all our parent's favorites??  We've always had a wonderful bond.  I was his first child and followed him around everywhere.  I loved watching sports with him, working on things in the garage with him and just hanging out with him.  He was my softball coach, my biggest cheerleader and a loving dad.  He was a man of few words and is very private at times.  He is however, the life of the party when he gets a drink in him!!  Everyone loves him and he's in his prime!   However, his drinking and smoking have taken a toll on his body and that's a major part of what's keeping him from healing faster.

Thanks for praying and keeping us in your thoughts.  We all love our dads no matter what and that's the way it should be!  Love ya Dad!  Praying that you will be better soon!

Friday, October 22, 2010

You never know when...

your dad, a family member, friend or neighbor will become ill or die.  Are you ready to live without them?  If not, then make the most of your relationship and take the time to call them more often, see them more often and just make it happen more often.  I'm facing that right now with my dad initially admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia a week ago.  Today he is on a ventilator with problems with his heart and his kidneys. 

I don't have any regrets just a lot of sadness that my dad is so sick and may not be here next week.  I don't know but it doesn't look good.  He hasn't been feeling good this year at times and he never really let us know.  We live in different states and I always stop in to see him when we visit the rest of the family(he and my mom have been divorced over 20 years).  I made it a point to call him once a week or at least every other.  We always had a good talk and said we loved each other. 

So if you are upset or disappointed with a family member, ask yourself if you'd feel bad if they were gone tomorrow.  If so,.....make it right today. Love one another!! 

Thanks for praying....I'm on my way to see my dad.  I'm praying he will get better and be with us for a while longer. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Coffee Anyone??

The hubby and I are relooking at how we spend our $$.  He buys coffee everyday and I like a cup every now and then.  Whenever we make coffee, we usually make too much and end up throwing it away.  So...we got one of these.  My son set it up for me in this corner which did have a basket of greenery to hide the switch plates so now I need to find something tall to go beside our new coffee maker.   I like the little stand under it that stores all the different flavors of coffee and tea. We also bought the piece so we can use regular coffee (not the little K cups). We even bought a new coffee mug that looks like a cup from Starbucks for the hubby to take his coffee in each morning.

I think I'm going to have Cinnamon Roll coffee in the morning!  Come on over and join me!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bloggy Blessings!

**Borrowed the above photos from Emily at Remodeling this life just for this post.  Thanks Emily!

I have been so blessed reading the 31 Days series that these talented gals have put together to share with all of us in October. I've learned so much from each one and just had to share!

I've learned alot about entertaining from Sandy since I started reading her blog two years ago.  Darcy is a fabulous photographer and so unselfish in sharing her understanding of photography and how to use our fancy cameras.  Photography is my hobby and I still don't understand all the aperature and f-stop stuff but think I finally will after reading her first 8 posts this month.   Jen is Miss Amazing when it comes to finding fashion for less and looking fabulous & trendy and living on less & debt free.  I just found Kendra's blog through this series and she loves to cook and you feel it through her writing.  She really encouraged me to think about cooking from a different perspective(I've been cooking for 32 years and have become tired of it) and when I did the other night~well, needless to say the hubby and son enjoyed it alot except that my son hates meatloaf (and I had to hear about it the whole meal).  I told him I made it for his dad and he could enjoy the homemade macaroni and cheese from the Pioneer Woman's blog and cookbook.  BTW it's pretty darn good!!   I absolutely love Emily at Remodeling this Life because I am in that simplify stage of my life and she is so there!

So I thought I'd share all of them with you and praying that you are blessed too!  Let these girls know Connie sent you!  Let me know what blessings you get from finding these girls.

Sandy Coughlin – Reluctant Entertainer – 31 Days to Stress-Free Entertaining
Darcy – Life with my 3 Boybarians – 31 Days to a Better Photo
Jen – Balancing Beauty and Bedlam – 31 Days to More with Less
Melissa Michaels – The Inspired Room – 31 Days of Autumn Bliss
Emily F – Chatting at the Sky – 31 Days of Grace
Kendra – My First Kitchen – 31 Days to an Inspired Table
The Nester – Nesting Place – 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest
Emily – Remodeling this Life – 31 Days of Living Simply

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prayer Needed!!

My sister-in-law, Peggy is leaving the USA for a 10 day missions trip.  She really needs our prayers for safety and for her to stay healthy.  She will be speaking on teaching children with dyslexia.  She is very excited and nervous.  I know God will do great things for her and through her.

The other request is for my blog friend, Cindy at Consider it All Joy.  She lives near my mom and we have met in real life and even found time recently to walk one morning while I was over this summer.  Cindy's husband, Mark is very sick and in congenital heart failure.  He's been in the hospital for 29 days and it's been a roller coaster ride.  She is a sweetheart with a heart for the Lord and is being strong but is so scared underneath it all.  This is really wearing on her health too I think.  Please pray for the attending physicians, Cindy, Mark and their family as Mark has surgery Thursday morning to relieve some of the pressure around his lungs.

And One more...Teresa from the blog Grammy Girlfriend's husband had a stroke a few days ago and is also in congestive heart failure.  Please lift these families up when you can.  Thank you.

***Remember...with God ALL things are possible!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sew simple!!

Let's see what I can make out of this??

Nice new pillows!!

I haven't sewn anything in years and am always so encouraged by all the gals in blogland that are so crafty.  I learned how to sew in Home Economics.  A class that is gone from most high schools these days.  I bought my sewing machine from Sears when I got my first job.  I made dresses, shorts and nightgowns for myself.  When the children were little I made nightgowns for Danielle, Halloween costumes, curtains and other simple projects.  It felt good to get the sewing machine out and recover my pillows on the couch.  I'm not the best at picking out fabric but am pleased with the end result and four new pillows for under $40.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I've So Missed Him!

Playing with his ball

He sees me coming!

I've got the ball and you can't have it!

Keep away!!

You can't get the ball now!

I need a're wearing me out! son and his girlfriend have had a little falling out and they shared this precious dog.  His name is Miloh.  I didn't know I'd miss so much.  He used to come to visit every now and then and we would take walks and hang out.  He hadn't been over in a couple weeks.  He was so happy to see me last night and I him!  Today we've been hanging out and playing ball!


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