Friday, November 12, 2010

So confused!

The tree's leaves are trying to change...
however, just when we have a few cool fall days,
the next day is again a warm 80 degrees.
The leaves are trying to change but the trees are so confused!
Much like I am at what to wear each day!
Looking out my upstairs window
 it seems like a warm sunny day 
but then I step outside to a chill.
One day I may be able to put on my jeans and a sweater 
for more than a day here and there!
Until then I'm going to enjoy my 80 degree sunny day!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mason is TWO!!!

2 years ago I waited over night at the hospital to see you for the first time!
You were such an answer to prayer!
You are very LOVED!!
You have a contagious smile!
You get so excited when I come to see you!
Grandma loves your blue eyes and your precious hands and feet!
 I just love your sweet kisses!
I love how you call me Nama!
I love how you like to sleep with your Bible!
I pray you grow to love the God of your Bible!
We have so much fun each week as we go to the park, shopping or 
jumping off the speed bumps in the parking lot!  
You light up my life each week and I love every minute of it~


Promise Grandma that you will be little forever!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Update on my Dad!

This was my dad last year with Danielle & Mason and me.
Last week we almost lost my dad.
He saw the bright shining light twice.
He was on a ventilator for 11 days.
He had many people praying for him.
Many have never met him.
And I thank you all for that!
He is a fighter.
My brother, my sisters & I have rallied around him.
He is very sick.
He moved in a Nursing Home today.
He still has fluid on his lungs.
He cannot drink or eat anything yet thru his mouth.
He has a feeding tube in his stomach in temporarily.
They say after being on a ventilator for so long that you have to relearn to swallow.
He has abused himself with alcohol and cigarettes for many years.
Through this we have found out that he has prayed to accept Jesus as His Savior a couple times.
Thank you Jesus!!
I saw my dad cry for the first time in my life last week.
He knows all of us kids love him so much!
We've said it more these last two weeks than in years.
My dad is a tough one to get to know.
I've always loved my dad.
I am his favorite!
I know I am!
Just hoping and praying he gets well soon.
I'm not ready to let go of him yet.
Love you dad!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mama and her piano!

My mom is battling Parkinson's.  
She is my hero as she lives with this each day. 
 She also drives me crazy as she lives with this each day.  
She has found that playing the piano is soothing to her soul 
It helps keep her mind and body strong.  
Last weekend I was over to visit my dad(who is no longer married to my mom).
 He is very sick and is in the hospital. 
We almost lost him last week. 
I stopped in at her house for a visit.
I had her play for me.  
It was wonderful!  
She was happy!  
It brought a smile to her face. 
And to mine!
 So many things are hard right now and this made her happy.
She says she will practice.  
She used to have a piano and would play for her grandchildren when they were little.  
It was sweet!  
I can't wait to see her play for them again at Thanksgiving when we will all be together.  
She will also have 5 great grandchildren to play for then.  

My mom had a surgery in July called Deep Brain stimulation.  
They had to shave half of her hair off.  
She is letting her hair grow out in it's natural color and keeping it short.  
She will have another surgery in January 2011.  
She is brave! 
 She is beautiful!  
She is my crazy bionic mama! 
I love her with all my heart!
The piano makes her happy!
It makes me happy to see her happy!


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