Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mama's 3rd Annual Road Trip! Part 1

For the last three years I've taken a road trip with my mama.  She had 8 brothers and sisters when we took our first trip and one brother is in heaven with Jesus now.  The first year we saw a sister and three brothers.  Last year we celebrated her oldest sister's 90th birthday and this year we ventured to the great Pacific Northwest and visited her sister, Doris and stopped in Idaho see her oldest sister who is now 91 on the way home.  Doris lives on Whidbey Island north of Seattle.  I've been coming out here to see my Aunt and Uncle since I was little and have such fun memories.  The island has seen a huge increase in population and everyone has to take the ferry to get across takes a bit longer to get to the island and off the island.  A little inconvenience for those of us who are used to getting places in the fast lane!!

My cousin, Nancy, Doris' daughter lives on the west side of the island and has the most gorgeous views.  I could stay there forever!!  We had lunch outside which was a treat.  It was warm with a cool breeze so we did have to wear a light sweater.

I just love the view!

And another!

Love my mama and her sister, my Aunt Doris.

The wonderful hostess, my cousin Nancy and her mom and Aunt Lola!

My mama wanted some blackberries....they grow wild along the streets on Whidbey.  Due to the cool weather....the Pacific Northwest has not had many warm days and it was the first of August.  Believe me...they are upset about this.  I would be too!  So needless to say, the blackberry bushes are full of unripe blackberries....they need some sun!!  I found a quart bag full for my mama when I took a walk one morning!  She was so happy!!

I took my camera along on my walk.  I enjoy taking photos of old buildings and we don't have many of those out here in southern California where I live.  I'd love to know the history of all of them.  Actually as I was taking these photos the owner came out to see what I was doing.  He said this used to be his daughter's playhouse.  Do you see what I saw in the back of the playhouse???  He was so still I thought he was one of those big ceramic deer that we have here in California....but no!!!!  He was real!!

He decided to come check me out...the owner said there are four of them who come through his property each day.  My cousin, Nancy has a few deer that visit her each day.  She feeds them cracked corn!  I was so in awe...he was so pretty.  I had never seen a deer this close before.

Just a little shack on the beach with a great view!  I wonder who has lived here???

I wonder where this goes???

I love the American flag and was taking a photo when the sailboat came by!

I love people's decor at the beach! Who you looking at??

This was just too cute!!

I went exploring one day when my aunt had a hair appointment and mama was visiting a friend and found this cove.  It was so peaceful...I sat on a bench and enjoyed a moment.  Then I took a few photos of this sailboat.

One of the beautiful views on the island.

My aunt visiting my uncle's grave.  We all loved Uncle Ralph so much!  We miss him....
and my aunt especially!

A little family gathering on the deck at my aunt's house with my sister, Pat and my cousins, Matt and Nancy!

Aunt Doris!

The mama!

Nancy brought us some fresh crab!  We city girls don't get to crack crab very was yummy!!

My cousins, Matt and Nancy!

The Aunties and their nieces and nephew!

The tall cousins!!  We are all over 5'9"!

She didn't want to go inside...we got her a blanket.  It was so good to sit on her porch with her...we've done it so many times but times are a changing.  I hope this was not the last!

My mom and her sister with a box their grandfather made.  It looks like new and the detail for back in the early 1900's was pretty amazing!  We had a fun trip!  Just a bit slower pace than other years...everyone is slowing down a bit with age.  So glad my mama can still go places!!

The last treat on this trip was meeting up with a wonderful blog friend, Christine from Wash Fold and Repeat!  We would be good friends if we lived near to each other.  We enjoyed a meal and great conversation before we left Seattle.  I can't wait until we see each other again!

Part come!


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