Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretty Lights!

So.... I was riding home in the car with hubby a couple weeks ago.  I had my camera out looking at all the photos I'd taken that day and decided to play with my camera.  I started taking photos of the traffic thru the windshield.  I amazed myself by the pretty squiggles that my camera was seeing in this traffic.  What else do you do while you're driving in traffic on your way home???
Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun on the Beach

We had one sunny afternoon on the beach and it felt so good to sit in the sand and enjoy it!
Mason was a busy body and was using his mom as his jungle gym on the blanket.  He decided he wanted her sunglasses!  And boy was he quick!

He was using leverage to get those sunglasses off her face!  :)

Then it was onto the ties on her swimsuit...oh, let's see what we can pull on now!!
Then he found a bucket!
Then it was off to find something else...A TIP FOR ALL MOM OF CRAWLERS.... to keep a crawler on the blanket...just sprinkle it with puffs.  He stayed on the blanket playing and eating for quite some time.

Then it was off to see the water....waiting for the waves to come in.
He loved the sand in his toes and the water at his feet.  He didn't cry once and just stood there waiting for the next wave.

Oh...Uncle Dustin found something...I wonder what it is??
Uncle Dustin running to see Kayla and who knows what he's got up his sleeve after that??
Kayla, Dustin, Danielle and Mason
Danielle, Mason, me(with my white legs!!) and the hubby
All of us!
Look what Uncle Dustin found???  The biggest sand crab we had ever seen and there were a lot of them!

Dustin and Kayla loving on the sand crab!!
It was all too much fun!  Mason had to catch a quick nap to keep up his busy schedule!  All in a very fun day at the beach!

The Beauty of God

We had a wonderful time at the beach.  It turned out to be more of a natural beach that the surfers enjoy.  Lots of good waves!  The beach was a 15 min. hike from our camp.  The camp sites were on the bluffs above the coast.  Here are a few photos of God's gift to us on earth.

The path to the surfer beach.
A bunny played nearby!
Lots of natural vegetation.  My son caught this photo for me...I love it!
A flock of birds flew by and were changing their configuration as they flew.  Amazing!
More natural vegetation on the top of the bluffs and the ocean is the blue out yonder.
This is the surfer beach one morning....overcast and cool...
not too many people and lots of rocks!
Dolphins were hanging out with the surfers one afternoon.
Part of our campsite!
A beautiful sunset that I caught one night.  A great place to relax and renew at the beach enjoying God's creation.  Now back to reality!!!


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