Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My mom!

I'm flying to Arizona tomorrow to visit my mom and her husband Garnett. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 12 years ago and with her medication is still able to get out and have some fun. So we are out to have some fun while I'm there. She loves to get out of the house!!
Doesn't she look great in the picture??? This was at my niece Taryn's wedding in May.
I'm off to have some fun!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Moon

For some reason, the moon fascinates me. I've started taking pictures of it during the day and at night. This was taken last night about midnight. Isn't it beautiful up there in the middle of the clouds? God's handiwork is so amazing!

Dustin Races Again!

Dustin raced in a night race on Saturday in Barstow with his friend, Keith. They think they came in 2nd in their class. It was 4 hours of racing beginning at 8pm. Dwight and I enjoyed being at the races again. Dustin raced for 2-1/2 years and has taken a year off. Dwight and I and the family loved travelling to the races and watching him compete. He is such a natural on the bike. He makes it look easy! Isn't that the way it is when someone is good? They make it look like you can do it too!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bella and Dylan at Grandma's

Bella and Dylan were over last week and I caught Bella playing in the backyard at her sand and water table. She loves to play in the sand. As you can see, she ignored me most of the time(see slideshow). What a cutie! I love her curls in the back of her head. We have waited for her hair to grow in and it's beautiful! Dylan wondered what all the flashing was about when grandma got out the camera. Don't you love his big brown eyes? Dwight and I got him the M&M's onesie at the M&M's store in New York. I guess he didn't want to be an M&M!!
I take care of Bella and her brother, Dylan twice a week. What joy it gives me to care for them. They are so precious and I love it. I am so thankful to be able to do this for Dallas and Selena and to really get to know my grandchildren. I never got to live close to my grandparents. I soaked in everything each time I saw them. My grandmothers were so special and taught me how to crochet, to bake and to collect things that you love. I have such great memories of the times with my grandparents. I hope to make those memories for my grandchildren too.
I love having Bella and Dylan nearby so that they drop in for a quick visit or stay a while whenever they want. I will be taking lots of trips to Orange county to see Danielle's new little one at the end of the year. I want him to know that I am near too!

Congrats Heather!

I wanted to go to UCLA when I was in high school. I would watch their basketball games at night while I was babysitting and root for UCLA and Bill Walton(one of their star players). His son Luke now plays for the Lakers. Anyway, I got to live my dream through my niece, Heather this last weekend. I love the blue and gold school colors! I still have a UCLA scarf Dwight bought me when we were dating. I got to sit in Pauley Pavilion and watch her graduate with a Political Science degree. Way to go Heather!

I absolutely love this picture of Heather and her
dad. Heather's dad is Dwight's brother.

Heather and her Mom, Peggy.

Heather and her boyfriend, Mike.

Dwight and I with Heather.

Heather with her brother, Derek and her sister, Shannon. Her proud grandparents, Arlene and Ray(Dwight and Damon's parents) were there and did very well.

After the graduation, we headed to BJ's for a great lunch and a giant Pizookie with ice cream. Yummeee!! What a great day! Congratulations Heather, we are very proud of you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New York 30th Anniversary!

Dwight and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in New York. What a nice treat!

We took the subway to Yankee Stadium and became Yankee fans for a day. This is the final season for the Yankees to play in their original stadium. It is sad for many fans however, when you start looking around you can see it's time for a new stadium. The new stadium is right across the parking lot and it looks fabulous. We will have to make another trip to come and see that! :)

We saw the Broadway shows Mama Mia and Grease. Wow! It's so amazing to see how talented the actors are that put on these shows. Once again I was mesmerized as I watched and loved every minute of each show.

We stayed at the Westin at 43rd and 8th St. We were one block from Times Square. Our room was on the 31st floor with a view of Times Square, 42nd Street and the Empire State building. I thought is was pretty neat.

The view of 43rd St to Times Square from our room.

We love this place!!

We ate breakfast, bought water and had a few treats at the EuroPan (a 24-hr cafe) next to the Westin on 8th and 43rd St.

We love Times Square! Dwight was a trooper as I wandered the streets of New York with my camera. What fun memories we will have looking at all the pictures.

When we visited New York with our children in 2004, we found this rock and I took a picture of Dallas with his hands held high. It looked like he was holding up the buildings. I wanted to give it a try!

After lunch at Tavern on the Green in Central Park on our anniversary, we walked back through Central Park and found my favorite picture spot. This bridge can be seen in many movies shot in New York. It's so amazingly beautiful!

We had a nice time! Thanks Dwight, I love you!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm so proud of Dustin!

My youngest child, Dustin was the sweetest little boy growing up however, we had a few rough years where we did not like each other very much of the time. Recently we had a 2 hour talk. It was the best thing we could have done. We cried, we laughed and we apologized to each other. I am so glad because we have a nice relationship again. Dwight has been a big part of helping Dustin grow up because he and his dad have this bond of understanding. They are two peas in a pod. Recently I have to give the credit to his girlfriend, Kayla who has softened and molded him into a very caring young man. Thank you Kayla! I love you! I just wanted to say to everyone that I am so proud of all my children and especially Dustin because he is growing up to be a wonderful young man. My prayer is that this will continue and he would love the Lord and serve him too. He was accepted to Cal Arts in San Diego and will start in 2 months. I am so happy for you Dustin! I love you so much!
Love ya, Mom

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's a Boy for Nate and Danielle!

It's a Boy for Nate and Danielle!
Nate and Danielle called Dwight and I, Peggy and Dan to dinner at Selma's to let us in on what the sex of their baby will be. Justin and Amy, Nate's brother and his wife also joined us as did Lauren(Nate's sister) and her husband, Jason. As we were waiting for Dan and Peggy, I put my hand on Danielle's tummy and said how is my little girl today. Nate and Danielle just smiled. They were not going to tell us yet! Then they started talking about the ultrasound and how the baby was moving all around. His arms and legs were moving continuously is what Nate said unexpectedly as Dan and Peggy walked in! I was giving Nate a hard time and told him I knew now. He couldn't believe he came so close to keeping it a secret! He and Danielle had a little package and out popped a blue stuffed horse which of course let us know that the baby is a BOY!!! His name will be Mason Daniel Rupple. We are all very excited and got to view the ultrasound pics with the an arrow pointing out his gender which showed clearly that this baby is a BOY!!! Congrats Danielle and Nate! We are all so excited and know that God has blessed you richly! Love ya, Mom


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