Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've Been Wishing for Fall.....

weather so I can wear my jeans, boots and long sleeves shirts & scarves but today was absolutely gorgeous and warm.  So out came the shorts and tank top and a trip with Mason to our favorite beach....Newport!!  We took a walk on the boardwalk, stopped to play in the sand, watched the birds, he ran free and enjoyed the sun on his face, ate lunch at our favorite pizza place and enjoyed a bubblegum & pina colada shaved ice! 

I can't believe this little guy will be three soon.  I've so enjoyed my last three years spending time with him.  So for today...a day at the beach was wonderful for the two of us and we look forward to cooler weather in the near future.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

It was such a beautiful fall day!  The hubby and I met our daughter and her family at Tanaka Farms.  It's a family run farm nearby and surrounded by homes and a university.    I have never been through a corn maze and I found out they have one!  I was very excited however, I was a bit disappointed because the corn was not very tall and all we did was walk in a concentric circle.  Oh well....I can now say I've walked through a corn maze.  It was fun watching Mason pick his pumpkins.  He wanted the little ones not the BIG ones.  

Happy Fall Y'all from sunny southern California!

**Blogger wouldn't let me fix my photos so they are where they are!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our First Rain!

It's been raining all day!  Our first good rain in a long time.  Mason and I talked about the noises rain makes and that we need rain to water the plants, clean the air and that God gives us the rain.  It's all good!   I have my sweats on!!  Love being inside on a day like this!  Mason and I are just hanging out.  We painted, played playdough and watched a little Thomas the Tank Engine.  I think I'll make some chili for dinner and he's taking his quiet time on the couch.  Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Embracing Change

Fall is here!  Our weather is finally cooling off.  I love it!  I got out a few fall decorations as that is all I have room for these days and it's just right!  I can't wait to pull out the jeans and long sleeved shirts/sweater and some new boots!  

It's been 5 months in our new place and new city.  We love the neighborhood, our new church, the weather and the close proximity to almost everything.  The hubby is riding his bike.  I am walking and running more.  These are all good changes and looking forward to embracing more!  

One of my favorite verses in the bible is in Ecclesiastes where Solomon shares "There is a time for everything!".  That is paraphrased of course!  So embrace the change and enjoy your day!


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