Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquake and More!

Yes, we have survived another earthquake and quite a shaker it was! A 5.8 on the richter scale. I was in my office which was built in the 60's and it has full glass panel walls on most offices so it was a bit scarey after it was all said and done to think that we stood there and waited for the quake to finish. They usually last only seconds and then it's done however, we vowed to get out of the building or move to the middle of it next time. I'm still glad that we only have the occasional earthquake and not the annual hurricane or tornado.

THE MORE part: To play catch up, we've all been sick with the flu. Bella got it from her Uncle Josh, who then gave it her parents(yes, Dwight and I got the call Sunday at 7am--can we come get Dylan and Bella because both Dallas and Selena were throwing up!), they passed it on to me and finally Dwight got the bug on Tuesday. According to him, he's had it the worst! We hope we are done with that! Dwight really got to bond with little Dylan and was great help. After spending the whole day with two little ones, Dwight said "I don't think my friend, Kevin has any idea what he's in for!" Kevin's wife Katie is due with their second child in October/November. They have three year old Grace that's the light of their lives right now.

This is the first time to mention my office on the blog....yes I do work sometimes! I am a realtor with Coldwell Banker Armstrong Properties. I was attempting to take the summer off as I have been very frustrated with the market however all of a sudden I have gotten a busy again. Guess what??? When you give it all to God, He turns it around for you. That's what happened. One day, I just said Lord this business is all yours...if you want me to do this, then show me. I can't complain, although I was looking forward to just playing this summer and sitting at the beach a day a week or so. It hasn't happened yet!
I enjoy the real estate business's just been hard with clients losing their homes and nothing works to assist them in keeping the home, the short sale process is not an easy one and foreclosure takes forever. Good sellers can't get buyers to look at their homes because it's not a foreclosure. The perception is that the best buy right now is the foreclosure. Buyers want a smoking deal and won't take your advice and they lose out on the house they really want. They get accepted on the one they don't truly love and you have to cancel that one. Or they still want to wait because real estate is still losing value. My best advice: Real estate is a long term investment and it's right to buy or sell when it makes sense to you personally and financially.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Precious Grandma

I was talking to Bella the other day. I tell her often that she is my precious Bella. As we were talking, she says to me "you're my precious grandma!" this precious girl. That's what grandma days are all about!

Cute as a button!

My sweet daughter is the cutest mommy-to-be ever!  100 days to go!!!

African Safari Shorts GIVEAWAY!!!!

I entered my first giveaway for these cute shorts.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I hope to look this good at 85!

Bella loved the purse!
Selena with Dylan, her little man!
Grandma Lenie with all her grandchildren and her two great grandchildren and one in the womb!
My mother-in-law turns 85 tomorrow and we celebrated tonight with a little surprise party.  Ray, my father-in-law at 88 years of age thought she needed a surprise party because she had never had one.  She thought she was going to dinner with Damon and Peggy, however, both her sons and their wives with all of the grandchildren and her two great grandchildren made the trek to celebrate.  She is still the fashionista at 85 although now courtesy of Ross.  She loves that store so Dwight and I got her an $85 gift card to continue her shopping every Tuesday on Senior discount day.  Even Bella who had been sick that morning came to sing "Happy Birthday" to Grandma Lenie and then proceeded to tell her that she liked her purse.  
Awww....I love that little girl!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mama Mia the movie

Dwight and I loved Mama Mia on Broadway in New York.  We saw the movie version tonight with some friends and it is very entertaining.  Go see it for something fun.  You will come out smiling.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I found out a couple days ago that I have to have my first ever surgery.  I have a cystic mass on my right ovary and it has to come out.  My first surgery at 49 1/2 years old.  I am a bit scared about the whole thing.  Do I have both ovaries taken out??? That's the other question to ponder.  I will let you know when it's scheduled.  Thanks for praying for me.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


There are so many neat backgrounds for your blog and I have wanted to change mine for a while now. Since I am new to this whole blog took me some time to figure it out. I found this awesome site called and it was easy and I didn't lose anything at all. The only thing I don't know how to do is get rid of the three dots from my last background. I may figure that out yet...just give me time.  I changed the background again thru phyzam and had to reload all my widgets.  It was time consuming but I like it. Oh, by the way...thanks to Frank at Dwight's office I am now known as a "techno beauty"! I love that don't you?? Thanks Frank!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bella's Special Time!

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About a month ago, I decided to make cupcakes with Bella. She is my big helper in the kitchen. I started putting her up the counter to watch me and hold things when she could first sit up. She loved just sitting there. Now she likes to get involved by cracking eggs, putting the flour in the bowl, etc. I enjoy this time together and so does she. She loves to play in water and with bubbles. This was her first time at the sink playing in the dish water and helping grandma clean. These moments are the most precious and I treasure each and every one of them. I enjoyed these moments with my own children and now I get to share this time with my grandchildren. What a joy! It's my day with Bella and Dylan today. They are both napping so grandma can get a little down time on the computer. Life is good!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

120 days until I am a grandma again!

Giving baby Mason loves from mom and grandma!

Dwight, Dustin and I met Danielle and Nate at their church The Bridge in Rancho Santa Margarita this morning. If you live nearby, you should check it out. We had lunch at Baja Fresh with Nate's parents joining us. It's one my favorite lunch spots. Danielle and I browsed through a couple little shops nearby and found some cute baby shower invites. Isn't my daughter the cutest expectant mother??? I love the one with our hands together giving little Mason a love from mom and grandma.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Happy belated 4th to all of you! These are some of the wonderful fireworks we enjoyed with family in Yucaipa, CA. May God continue to bless America and thank you to our troops serving this great country who keep us free to live and worship as we please.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Arizona fun!

I got to see Angela, Cassidy and Brie Ann at swim lessons. What fun they had and what a great time I had taking pictures of them in the water. They even looked at me and smiled every now and then. Three precious girls. I am Brie's Fairy God Mother!! :)

Aunt Connie with Cici

My mom bowling and Cici with her bowling ball.

Tonya and Zach(my nephew) recently engaged.
Tim(my brother) and his family.

My sister, Dawn and I. She makes everyone laugh! As you can see I had a great time in Arizona with my mom, my sister and my brother and his family. I missed my sister, Pat. Her son, Zach and his fiance Tonya came and bowled with us. We went out for pizza after and then to mom's for some kuchen(coffee cake) she and I made the day before. I also saw my dad and his wife with Dawn. We went out to eat and bowled on my dad's Wii. Mom and I did get out to lunch a couple days, got in a little shopping and just enjoyed our time together. My family was glad to have me home too.


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