Monday, January 12, 2009

Bella turned 3!

A few of my favorite pictures of Bella's first three years!

My how she's grown up so fast!
With mommy and daddy!  Dylan was sleeping!
She is a happy child!

She loves to play in the water!

Sitting on a pumpkin!

Making brother Dylan laugh!

She loves to play outside with Speed.

Wrestling with Daddy!

She loves her brother!

Making cupcakes with grandma!

She likes to taste!

She calls this her hocock! :)

Being silly with grandma!

2nd birthday fun with her friend Evan!

Her first birthday donut. Our family tradition!

Elmo Bella!

Playing with Uncle Dustin.
Playing with Speed!

On the Merry Go Round with Aunt Danielle.

She didn't want to get off.

Dancing at the fair! She could really move her hips!

Playing video games with grandpa!

Bella's 1st halloween!

Playing with grandpa!

Learning to crawl at 6 months old.

We fell in love!

Isabella Joy only hours old!

My sweet grand daughter Bella turned THREE on Sunday. My what joy she has brought to so many people. She is talks to you like someone much older and with so much expression. She is good company. She is polite, funny, full of energy, smart and loves to pretend. She is asking questions about God and loves to read her Children's bible. She can sing many songs. We celebrated with a BBQ, cake and presents with family and a few friends. It was a nice Sunday afternoon. I can't believe my precious Bella is 3! What a joy being her grandmother for these last three years has been.


Nina Diane said...

oh Connie....she is just so cute! yes, what fun these grandchildren are!

linda said...

I CANNOT wait to be a grandmother (although it is nowhere in sight!) I can only imagine the joy Bella has brought to your life. She is adorable!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Give Bella a big Birthday hug from me. Connie, she is adorable. You are so blessed to have such a beautiful family. When God does it, he does it right !!!

IsabellasCloset said...

Connie, I see you have too have a Bella. She's ADORABLE and so are all the photos!
My Bella is 12.
We are both so very blessed have our "Bella's" in our lives.
Happy Birthday to your precious Bella!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Karen said...

You know . . . I can only hope that SOMEONE starts dating someone seriously before I'm too old and grey to be a gramma. They are so cute. It's still strange to me, Dallas and Danielle have kids, what will REALLY freak me out is when Dustin has one. But let's pray that is not for a LOOOOOOONG time. ;) Hugs!

The Berry's Patch said...

What a doll! I was cracking up over her picture dancing. She's not afraid to bust a move!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh Connie~
What SWEETNESS!!! I can tell you LOVE being a Grandma!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great pictorial. Bella is adorable. I especially love her Halloween costumes and her pictures with Speed. Priceless all of them.

Cindy said...

They grow up so fast don't they. I'm happy for you that you have more than one.

I only have one who is 4 1/2 and I'm not so sure I will ever have any others.

I love my angelbug so much.

See you in February!

justabeachkat said...


She is absolutely adorable!!

BTW...I'm so glad you left a comment tonight. For some reason, you have not been on my blog list on my sidebar. Not sure why?? I'm going now to correct this...pronto!


Carol said...

What a cutie she is, I can see why she steals hearts.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Hi Connie! How are you!!? Thanks for stopping by! Your family is beautiful. I love the pictures.

April said...

Happy Birthday Bella!

Connie...may God continue to bless your family and your new business!

joan said...

Hi, I came over from Kat's blog and it looks like you are as crazy about your beautiful grandbabies as I am about mine. They are sweet and it is nice to meet you!


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