Saturday, September 10, 2011



I remember the hubby calling for me to come downstairs....he was watching Good Morning America and they were showing the first tower on fire.  Then as I came down to watch, I saw the second plane crash into the second tower.  What was I watching??  I couldn't believe my eyes and then I saw what looked like people jumping out of the towers, people running in the streets and then the tower fall like it was imploding because of a dynamite blast.  I asked the hubby, "Is that real?  Did that building just fall down and then the second one fell."  I was in shock.  I couldn't believe my eyes and was asking how that big of a building could have fallen down so quickly.  It was hard to believe watching it on television and still hard to believe when we saw it a year later....the hole where the buildings were was HUGE and the buildings all around it had windows blown out of whole sides of the buildings.  It was hard to imagine that two planes did this.  And that a few men who hated the USA so much would want to hurt innocent people and kill themselves. 

So many things in life are a mystery and we never know the whys of it all.  One thing I do know is that God uses all things for His good and our home is in Heaven.  We need to be ready when the time comes...because no one know about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.  (Matthew 24:36)  Have you shared the one true God and his son, Jesus with your family and friends who you want to be in heaven with you?  Be ready!  Because in the end...I know who wins this war on earth...Jesus Christ.  He's coming again to take His church (you and me) home to heaven.  Remembering today although it's sad...many are with Him today who died in 9/11 and many have come to know Him because of 9/11.

Have a blessed weekend! 


Annesphamily said...

We were getting ready to go to work and we were so stunned! We must never forget. Hugs to you today for sharing your heart. Anne

Connie said...

I came over from another blog because I saw your name which is the same as mine. Delightful blog, sugar. And if that is you in the middle of the main photo you certainly don't look 50! Nice to meet you, Connie.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I don't think anyone of us will ever forget every detail of that day and the weeks to follow...a horrible new normal...
I love your blog header..

Cindy said...

Remembering is good - I've been doing a bit of that lately!! Hope all is well in CA and that you are enjoying a little freedom from the pressures of over indulgence (haha) - I mean enjoying your apartment and not having to clean a huge house! Anyway, I keep checking to see if you put up part 2 of your trip with mama!! Blessings to you girl!


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