Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friends in Dallas

We met up with some friends in Dallas and even found Elvis!!  How funny that Elvis was in a patio seating area of a Tex Mex restaurant called Chuy's.  It was delicious!  

Laura's daughter, Leslie and my son, Dallas went to elementary school together.  Laura and I were part of a great group of gals who volunteered at the school and gave ourselves to the PTA for many wonderful years.  We all meet for lunch each year when Laura comes to town for her annual visit.  I was the first one to visit her since she moved to Texas 13 years ago.  I didn't think it had been that long!  
Here we are with our husbands.  What a great night...good food, fun place and good friends to catch up with.  Thanks Mark & Laura for treating us to a great Texas meal!  The sopapillas were to die for!!!
This is the beautiful home of our friends, Lucinda and Kevin.  They moved to Texas almost 3 years ago and love it.  

Isn't that a precious little face!  I got to play grandma to this little one for the morning.  He was a delight.  Can't you tell???
And this little one...oh my, all girl and such a beauty.  I enjoyed her too!
It was so neat to catch up with them and their precious family.  Their oldest was in school so we missed seeing her.  God bless this family.
What fun it is to visit new places and so extra special to meet up with old friends and catch up on their lives.  I was blessed and so happy to get to spend time with each one.  Can't wait until next time!


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

It looks like you had an absolutely lovely visit....I know what it's like to have 13 years go by. I moved to Oregon 15 years ago and am still waiting for some of my siblings to visit me! :(

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Calming Scents said...

Looks like a great mini trip. I havent been to anypart of Texas yet.
The food looks sooo good!

Nina Diane said...

that's a great pic of you Connie! I swear....i think you are looking even younger. please let me in on your secret.
That Tex-mex food in Texas is fabulous!!!

linda said...

What fun! Old friends are just the best aren't they!

Anonymous said...

It's always wonderful to reconnect with friends. Great pics and I'm still puzzled about Elvis at the Tex Mex restaurant...can't figure out the tie in.


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