Monday, April 20, 2009

Volleyball~~What fun!

The girls can jump and spike!!!
Blocking at the net!  Why is it that someone always walks 
in front of you when it's a great photo opportunity???
Our gold medalist winners~Phil and Todd
Valerie and her friend hung out with us courtside.  Valerie works with Dwight.
The Professional Volleyball AVP tour came to Riverside, CA.  That was a first and real treat due to the fact that we are 45 miles from the beach so how did this happen?  One of our city council members, Rusty Bailey went to West Point with his friend who happens to be the President of the AVP and one thing led to another and why not a volleyball tournament in Riverside???  For two or three days, they trucked in sand, closed down a city street and a large parking lot near the convention center and whalaa....we have sand courts for a volleyball tournament and what a fun time Riverside had.  It was a hot the high 90's...we all wished we were at the beach!

Dwight and I got to attend as his company supported the tournament and we happened to get to sit courtside....right on the sand.  That made it even more fun.  We got to see the top players in the US and world.  Todd Rogers and Phil Dahlhausser were gold medalists at the last Olympics and put on a great show.  They sat just 6 feet away from me!!!  AND the gold medalist women's team are expecting babies so they weren't competing but the silver medal winners, Elaine Youngs and Nicole Branagh were awesome!  Although their swim suits were a bit too small for my comfort...especially their bottoms but ya know they seem to stay on pretty good.  Although one girl had a tag sticking out the back of her suit and her crack was showing...her bottoms were definitely too small and it bugged all of us.  

What a fun time and we hope that we get to go again next  year here in Riverside.


Jillian, Inc said...

Wow- What a blast. I love beach volleyball.

Christine said...

Isn't this a great sport! This is the sport my daughter plays in College. She and her partner won the junior Olympic Beach volleyball tournament a couple years ago at Alki Beach. She loves beach ball the best! It really is a fun sport to lucky for you guys! =O)

Omah's Helping Hands said...

What a great community you live in! What fun! Can I join you all next time? ;) Glad you had a good time!!!


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