Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow??

Very well thank you!! Every morning, the hubby, my son and I check the garden to see what's new or what's gotten a little bigger. It's all doing so well. Waiting for the fruit's of our labor is the hard part. We have been enjoying our lettuce for a couple weeks now. We have two green bell peppers getting bigger each day...they are so cute! The corn is getting tall, the peas are starting to climb, the beans are all up, the zucchini squash plant is taking over one of our whole gardens(I think he needs a bit more room than we gave him!), and the carrots and celery are looking good!! AND more strawberries are beginning to ripen and grow. We seem to have kept the critters away for now with our traps and netted coverings. I hope so...can't wait to taste those precious strawberries.

More strawberries!!
The corn and orange bell peppers!
Lettuce and strawberries!
The zucchini squash is over taking the whole green bell peppers in the foreground.
Celery and onions!
See that BEAUTIFUL baby green bell pepper! He's so cute!
More strawberries!!!
So how is your garden growing???


Laura said...

I planted 2 above ground boxes this spring-
one for tomatoes and one for zinnias.
Next year I am going to do more!
I love it-

Yours looks amazing.


Connie said...

Thanks Laura...I spoke too soon everyone...the critters were back and ate everyone of those rosey red strawberries. Darn those little guys...why are they so hungry and why do they like strawberries???

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Connie, tha is exactly what I would love to do in my backyard next spring...we aren't ready yet for a garden, still waiting for sod this year..we have been here a year and started with dirt..
I found your blog through Kat in March, she was visiting out here in the desert and I was hoping to get to meet her, next time maybe..but I found your blog that way..would love to have you visit my blog..we are nearly neighbors!

take care

Cindy said...

My garden? Well, Phoenix! That about explains it:)

Your's looks like so much fun. I remember the days from Cali, when we had a super garden. Miss it so much.

Blessings, Cindy

oooooo...sorry about the strawberries - they looked delish!

Nina Diane said...

your garden looks great! I only planted tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and red peppers...and they are all doing very well. I'll have to take some pics and post

sanjeet said...

Yours looks amazing.
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Jenny86753oh9 said...

Hey Connie...I found your site through the Reluctant Entertainer's blog. I planted a good sized raised bed garden this year and I've got critters eating my strawberries too. I just covered them with netting today but not entirely sure it'll work. *crossing fingers* ;-)


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