Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's all out war!!

The garden is coming along...we've eaten our lettuce and it's pretty yummy! We have strawberries growing or we did...something is eating we had to build a cover as you can see in this photo.

The green peppers are coming along nicely.

So are the carrots...aren't they cute??
Six of our nine green bean plants sprouted but if you look closely...something has chewed on these too.
So we are protecting our three strawberries that are trying their best to grow so that we can taste their sweetness. See the three strawberries in the right box.

Here's what it looks like close up.
Here's the other one protecting more of my strawberries. Let's see if we are going to win this war and be able to harvest our strawberries instead of feeding some unknown critter.
We set a trap....a store bought ripe strawberry to see if the little critters can get in under our cover.
That is one good looking strawberry, if you ask me. I want to know who's eating my strawberries. I hope he gets in and then gets stuck so we can see who it is. Stay tuned...I'll let ya know what we find out! It's all out war!!


Nina Diane said...

maybe little bunny rabbits? My problem here is the squirrels always take one bite out of all of my tomatoes. Someone told me if you sprinkle the tomatoe plant with baby powder, they won't go near them. So I'll try that...hope you catch your critter :)

Karen said...

gotta be a bonny. Never thought I'd want to bop a bunny - but when they eat my stuff - I'LL DO IT!
good luck with this - let us know how it goes. And I want to see those carrots when you harevst. Mine always turned out about 3" long - but they were sweet!
HAGD! Karen

Karen said...

BUNNY! It's late . . .

Love Being a Nonny said...

Bunny, squirrel, deer??? Keep us posted.

I LOVE your raised beds. I should do that!

Kat said...

Your garden is looking good. It's frustrating though when something helps itself to YOUR garden. How dare they? I've had trouble with things (?) eating some of my flowers. We have deer and bunnies and voles, etc. And, did you see my last post? We have snakes too. Yuck.


sanjeet said...

I LOVE your raised beds. I should do that!
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