Friday, September 10, 2010

Cell Phones Anyone?

My husband got a new cell phone recently from the company he works for and no longer needed his personal cell phone.  So I'm trying to keep our costs down and realize we are paying a $29.99 monthly email and web fee on this phone that we are NOT using and can't cancel because there is a substantial cancellation fee.  The phone rep suggested that if I had another non email/web using phone that we could attach that one to my account and we could cancel the $29.99 fee each month.  I knew I had a couple phones at home somewhere and was surprised to find all of these stuck in my dead cell phone drawer!  Ha! Ha!  I found TWELVE cell phones hanging around our house for no good reason!!  I did get the $29.99 taken off my bill and will now be charged $9.99 a month until December 2011 which is cheaper than cancelling the actual line that we may never use!  

I started looking at the phones and it brought back memories of when we first started using cell phones.  I know we've had more phones than this because there were a few broken phones along the way with 5 of us having phones at one time.  

The phones below are mine!  Aren't they pretty??  The green Nokia one was my first one that we only used for emergencies because it cost like 40 cents a minute or something to use!!  Then the phones got smaller and they flipped open which was SO cool!!  I loved the pink Razor because it was pretty but hated the phone.  Then I needed a phone to get my email at work and for texting so I got a Blackberry or a" Crackberry" as they are sometimes called.  I really liked my Blackberry phone but needed a new one recently due to battery issues with the old one and chose a DROID 2 which is a larger and heavier phone. It has a keyboard that slides out!  It is so fast at everything.  It's amazing!  

Here's the new beauty and another color case!!  Pretty huh??? I remember Bill Gates a few years ago saying that we would be holding a computer in the palm of our hand one day.  Amazing what this phone can do...I really don't need a computer.  I've got one in the palm of my hand.  I do plan on using this phone for phone calls to my family and friends when I find the time to get away from all the other things I can do with it!  Ha!  Just kidding!!


Nina Diane said...

here in Virginia we can turn in old cell phones and they donate them to the battered women's shelter. That way they can use it but for emergencies only when they leave the shelters.

Connie said...
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Karen said...

This is my third phone! I don't like to give them up cause once I learn how to use it, I don't want to have to learn all over again. I have the iPhone 3 and LOVE IT!
Mark has the 4 and it is even better!
I dunno - you still need a computer. I can't imagine trying to post from a phone . . . :)
HUGS! Karen

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

You know what happens to our old cell phones? Our Grandkids like to take them and play with them. They especially love the ones that take pictures. I just recently got a Droid and I love it. I love being able to FB and even check out my blog on it. Enjoy yours.


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