Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mama and her piano!

My mom is battling Parkinson's.  
She is my hero as she lives with this each day. 
 She also drives me crazy as she lives with this each day.  
She has found that playing the piano is soothing to her soul 
It helps keep her mind and body strong.  
Last weekend I was over to visit my dad(who is no longer married to my mom).
 He is very sick and is in the hospital. 
We almost lost him last week. 
I stopped in at her house for a visit.
I had her play for me.  
It was wonderful!  
She was happy!  
It brought a smile to her face. 
And to mine!
 So many things are hard right now and this made her happy.
She says she will practice.  
She used to have a piano and would play for her grandchildren when they were little.  
It was sweet!  
I can't wait to see her play for them again at Thanksgiving when we will all be together.  
She will also have 5 great grandchildren to play for then.  

My mom had a surgery in July called Deep Brain stimulation.  
They had to shave half of her hair off.  
She is letting her hair grow out in it's natural color and keeping it short.  
She will have another surgery in January 2011.  
She is brave! 
 She is beautiful!  
She is my crazy bionic mama! 
I love her with all my heart!
The piano makes her happy!
It makes me happy to see her happy!


Christine said...

And you are my hero! I am bathing her and you both in prayer! What a blessing for you both to share in fellowship together and I love that she was able to play the piano for you! What a beautiful Thanksgiving this will be for you to have here there with you. Hugs and love your way from Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Your mom sounds incredibly strong an resilient. How wonderful and therapeutic for her to use the piano.

Take care,

Nina Diane said...

such a sweet, sweet post Connie! We seem to be so much alike in so many way and things and people in our life...just on the opposite coast!! I call my mom Wonder Woman!! 76 battling breast cancer and having quad bypass surgery!!
blessings, hugs and prayers to you and your, Nina Diane

Just a little something from Judy said...

You are going through so much in the last year. Seeing your mama and you together at the piano brought tears for this friend. I can't imagine all that goes through your thoughts with her upcoming surgery and your dad's recuperation. You are both beautiful ladies. This is a heartwarming post.

debi said...

You have so much on your plate right now. Please know I will be praying for you. Trust that God will carry you through it all.
Your Mom looks joyful!
Very glad to hear your Father is doing better.


Karen said...

Such a nice post my Dear. the piano - who would've thought? I think it's awesome. Just keep doing what you're doing and praying - as will all of us.
Dad's doing good too???
HUGS! Karen

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Oh, how sweet. I have seen deep brain stimulation be a miracle for quite a few folks. Hope this is the answer for a very troubling disease. So glad she can still enjoy the piano.
Great pictures


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