Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Adventure

I laid low for a week after my surgery and finally had to get out of the house.  This was my first trip to a real pumpkin patch.  Living in the city, all we have is a set-up on a street corner with the hay, pony rides and the blow up slides for the kids and the pumpkins already picked and placed around the lot for you to pick one or two.  This year, my son and I thought we'd like to take Bella to a real pumpkin patch.  We found one in a rural area about 25 minutes away.  I never knew there were so many different types of pumpkins.  Here's a few they had under a canopy for us to choose from:

Wow!  Dallas saw his favorite!  :)  That's Dallas for ya!  What can I say????

So here we go!  Bella was leading us out to the pumpkin patch.
  I love this picture of her.  Of course, she is my favorite photog subject anyway.

Bella and her daddy, Dallas looking for the perfect pumpkin.
Baby Dylan, getting sleepy looking for pumpkins.  He and mommy found one though!

Dallas and Bella picking her first pumpkin.  We didn't know that pumpkin vines
 have little thorns or thistles so you have to be careful.  They had to 
twist the pumpkin to get it off the vine.
Bella and her pumpkin.  It ended up being a bit heavy and daddy had to help her hold it!

Aunt Danielle came along too!  Baby Mason is due in 3 weeks!  
Grandma and Bella found a little pumpkin for Dylan.  Isn't it cute???
I found this large flat pumpkin and told Bella to sit on it.  She gave me a strange look and then I told her it was a pumpkin chair.  She said "OK".  Isn't she so cute??
Daddy and Bella with our pumpkin haul.  All $80 worth.  Pumpkins can be expensive in California when you pick them yourself.  Hey Nina....your 12 pumpkins for $15 is a bargain!!

Taking a little break!  My favorite subject again!
Then we were off to the petting zoo which was really a pen of goats that we could
feed.  They attacked us before we even got in the gate.  

Selena had one of the goats trying to eat her shirt and another jumping up on her.

We think these were alpacas.  They were shaved and pretty ugly.  Dallas felt sorry
for them and gave them a little to eat.
Bella feeding the baby goat.  He was so cute!
This one jumped on this rail and basically said "Look at me!"
Bella is just not sure of the big goats.
Aunt Danielle playing with Dylan.
Bella feeding more baby goats.
Taking a break on the pyramid of hay.  Bella and I climbed to the top!
This is the picture I got of her on the top of the hay bales.  I love it!
Dylan looking over the top of his daddy's shoulder.
Dylan got so happy touching the big pumpkin.
Trying to take a family pic wasn't as easy as we thought.  This was a cute one!

We had a great time even though it ended up being hot....97 degrees!  We all thought it was supposed to cool off.  It did that night.  We had to wear sweatshirts to the softball game.  
I am hoping for fall weather this weekend.


Beverly Lewis said...

Thanks for taking me to the pumpkin patch with your family. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Berry's Patch said...

What a fun day. We haven't been to a pumpkin patch since we moved to AZ. They just have little stands on the side of the roads here. I'm shocked at the different types of pumpkins they have now. Looks like Bella was having a blast. She is such a cutie. :-)

Cindy said...

It looks like you had a fun day. We go to Schnepf Farms most every year. It is so much fun.

Glad you were able to go to a real pumpkin patch.

Lavender Chick said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and your very sweet comments - I really appreciate it.

Also, I enjoyed the pumpkin patch with you and your lovely family. These will be cherished photos for a long, long time. What a wonderful family outing!

Nina Diane said...

Hey Connie
great pics and it looks like ya'll had a lot of fun. That silly Dallas.....looks like something either Jake or Bucky would do! yeah, we got a good deal on loading Bucky up with the pumpkins.....

Kimba said...

What fantastic pictures of your trip! Your family is beautiful. And so are you! Thanks for sharing.

nancygrayce said...

Great pictures! I haven't been to a pumpkin patch....well, maybe ever. I think when I bought pumpkins, I just got them from the grocery. How boring!

Kristin Joy said...

Nice photos..! You had a fun day. Well, I got some pumpkins in advance for Halloween decoration.


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