Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God Bless America!

I got up early and voted.  I was expecting a long line but found a short one and was done in about 15 minutes.  It was sprinkling this morning but not enough to keep most of us away.  Hopefully more voters will get to the polls before 8pm.  My son, Dustin voted for the first time and he was excited to get to vote.  I hope you all voted!  God is in control and He knows the outcome of the election already.  Whoever becomes President....remember God is still here and is in control.  Keep praying!



Sharon said...

May I say "Amen" to your post. God is indeed in control and no matter who wins the election, God rules the universe. I am so grateful for that knowledge because I find great comfort there. BTW, I really like your blog!

Nina Diane said...

so glad you didn't have to wait long. Like you saw on my blog....I couldn't believe the crowds at our elem school where we vote. But I went back at 2:30, walked right in, voted and out in less than 5 min. My daughter Jacquelyn was with me and it was her first time voting in an presidential election....so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you visited my blog. It's so nice to meet you. I've enjoyed my visit here. We were pleasantly surprised when we went to vote about 10 o'clock that we had no wait at all. Just walked right up to the table and checked in. I was prepared to wait since everybody was talking about all the long lines.
You're just a couple of years older than my daughter. She just turned 48. She just got a CD with pictures of her 30th anniv. high school reunion. She said she couldn't believe how old everybody looked. I told her to wait 20 more years and she wouldn't recognize anyone.
I hope you'll visit again. I love to have company.

Carol said...

Hi Connie,

Well it's a couple days after election. I'll just say I'm trusting in God, for our Country and our State. God is the one who puts the authorities in office.

I've missed popping in on your blog, so I read all your posts since I've been here last. I love your photo of the lake and the one of you and hubby. I love taking pictures too.

So is your grandbaby here yet? I'm going to keep checking to see the announcement.

Thanks for all your visits, and your love in my comments.



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