Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandma again???? What??? No Way!!!

So my youngest son comes home this weekend and says...."Mom, you're going to be a grandma again!"  I look at him and say "OH No!!  I BETTER NOT BE!!!"  He gives me this big grin and his girlfriend says, "WHAAAAT DID YOU SAY???" He laughs and says.... to a new puppy!  Kayla's mom bought her a puppy!  Let me tell ya...this is not the smartest decision because Kayla is in college and lives in the dorm.  She thinks she is gonna keep him a couple nights and then Dustin will keep him the other nights and then they will bring little Milo home to grandma and grandpa every now and then.  Oh yeah, and on top of that....I'm not a dog person but this little one melted my heart right away.  Here's a picture of my newest so called grandbaby and his parents.  He is pretty darn cute!


Nina Diane said...

OMGosh.......your title threw me! I thought you were going to have another grandbaby. Which by the way.....where are pics of the newest. We need more pics!! haha...hope you are doing well my friend and rested all up!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh...CONGRAT'S Grammie!!!!

I have a daughter named Annabelle...well...she's really a "pup-daughter"...and she's a Yorkie..and from the picture, I'm guessing your newest addition is one as well??

You will LOVE this precious addition..... :-)

Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

Boy you have your hands full with the new grandbaby and grandpup! They are both darling! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Also, congrats on your upcoming 50th birthday. Mine was just last week and it felt like quite a milestone. I'll be checking back in with you to see how you're doing!

GingerLouise Clothing said...

so is your son!

Anonymous said...

my heart "skipped a beat" for you--I thought Connie is so tired already, she needs a little break.

What a cute puppy!! Enjoy!

Sharon said...

You got me with that one, girl! For a minute there, I was really jealous; you've already got more gandbabies than I'll ever have and you're young enough to enjoy them, too. Such a cute pup that I'm still a little jealous. As my mother used to say there's always room enough and love enough for one more. I guess that's true even if it is a darling puppy!

Laura said...

both of your new grandbabies are beautiful (I'm kinda partial to the human one!). Congratulations, Connie!

I understand the bloggy funk! I think it is the time of year. So busy. Hard to find time to sit down and put it all down, huh?



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