Monday, December 8, 2008

Two Winners and only 15 days until Christmas!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kim at Nothing Can Separate Me and Deb at Lavender Chick for winning a cookbook and an apron!!! Please send me an email with your full names and addresses and I will get your items on their way!

No more birthday talk!  It's over!  And I am 50!  Yikes....that is still hard to say!  It was a busy week. Our Women's Christmas Dinner was certainly a great start to celebrating the season of Christmas. Deanna Ramsay provided the entertainment and she was Fabulous!! (I love that word!) The pictures above are from that night.  The room was lovingly decorated by a very talented crew.  Isn't it pretty?  We had over 200 ladies enjoy a fabulous meal served by handsome men in black and white.  A delightful white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and coffee with flavored creamers rounded out the evening.  Yours truly emceed the night and thank you all to all of you who made it wonderful. 

 Now I'm working on getting an escrow closed before Christmas and just wrote another offer tonight. So...go figure! God must know I need another paycheck or two before the end of the year. I won't complain.

Only 15 days until Christmas...yikes...The decorations are coming out this weekend and we are getting our tree too.  I've got my shopping to do. Cookies have to be baked.  My Christmas cards are ready to be picked up. It's gonna be here before I know it.  I'm not letting the stress get to me and rob me of my joy.  (I need to keep reminding myself otherwise...I don't like all the hoopla of Christmas after all.)  One day at a time!  Happy 15 days before Christmas everyone!


April said...

It looks like you had a beautiful Women's Christmas did an amazing job!

I'm not finished shopping and haven't even started to decorate, but just like you I'm really trying hard to enjoy this holiday season instead of getting stressed about it. Merry Christmas!

Nina Diane said...

looks beautiful!
glad the evening was a success...and congrats on the contract! Really great news in this tough real estate market right now.

Anonymous said...

I just stopped by and found such a great surprise!! Thank you Connie!
I am so excited to receive your family cookbook and the apron.

It looks like you had a busy weekend. The decorations are really lovely.

i don't see your e-mail address on your page...mine is

thanks again!

Judy said...

I wish that I could have attended. I cannot imagine how much work everyone put into an evening like that. Doesn't it feel good when it is all over, and everything went well? It looked beautiful!

Carol said...

Wow what a beautiful dinner event it looks like you had.

I shopped but did it online, I'm just hopping it shows up by Christmas Eve.

Good luck on your tree hunt.


Laura said...

Wow! Looks like a very special time! I love all these sweet gathering during this season. Beautiful.


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