Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary to Me!

Today is my one year blog anniversary.  

I can't believe that it was one year ago today that I started a daily ritual of blogging(both writing one and reading so many!).  I am so fascinated by blogworld and all of the other technology that exists today.  I was introduced to the blog world by Chela at Williams Family who my daughter, Danielle introduced me to and loves photography as much or more than I do.  We were talking about our new cameras~she had just bought the new Nikon and I chose the Canon 40D.  She said she had a blog for her photography business and I was curious.  After reading her blogs and finding others by trial and error I thought why not try a blog to capture my last few months being 49 on my journey to 50!  Along the way, share my love of photography with family and friends.  Little did I know the joys I would get from doing this.

I knew so little of this blogging world and how BIG it is!  One of the first blogs I found was Christian Women Online and what a blessing that site is.  Check it out here!  I am in a changing time in my life with no children at home full-time and being grandma, my work as a realtor in such a crazy state that I was needing something and found an online bible study through Lelia at Write From the Heart which was exactly what I needed and then started meeting blog friends through comments and finding their sites.  AND then I was hooked!  

I found so many sites:

Kim @ Seasons of My Heart, Carol @ Not Who I Was, Paula @ His Ways are Not our Ways , Cindy@ Consider It All Joy are my bloggy bible study friends who are on this journey called life with struggles and faith like no other who are there to encourage one another with Jesus as the core.  I love these gals.

Judy at Just a Little Something for You encourages me and loves her family like I do.  She has the best gift ideas and simple meal ideas too!

Christie at Wash, Fold, Put Away & Repeat is a wonderful Christian mom and wife, is a wonderful Sunday School teacher and a sweet blog friend who I'd love to meet someday!  

Kat at Just a Beach Kat lives in a tropical paradise and is so active and fun.  I love her cartoons and graphics she finds for her posts.  I met her in Palm Springs this year and what nice people she and George are!  

Nina Diane from Just Enjoying Life was one of the first gals to say "Hi "from out of the blue.  We were both turning 50!  She is a grandma too and loves photography.  She stops by often just to say hi!  Love her!

Then there's Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee and Debbie at Dishing with Debbie who are very talented writers and can write the craziest posts that I could never ever think about writing.  To be honest girls, sometimes I don't understand what they are writing about and wonder why don't I get it???  That's probably because I have a numbers mind and not a creative writing mind.  So sorry girls but I still love ya!

Carrie at Buzzing's of Queen Bee, Jen at Frugal Fabulous, Denise at The "Cent"sible Sawyer, April @ Delta Kids and Kelly at Kelly's Korner are a couple of the young moms that I enjoy visiting.  They are amazing!

YaYa's Fun House, Love Being a Nonny, Judy at Just a Little Something for You and Diane at Just Enjoying Life, Dawn @ Dawnie's Life If By the Sea, Sue @ The Cotton Patch are all bloggers who I share the joys of being a grandma with.  

Some new blogs that I enjoy are:  A Cup of Joe with A View, Building a Log Cabin, White Spray Paint, Tasker Tales, Living the Life, Cathy at Mille Fleur, Tea Time with Melody and Sharing Life with Lisa.

Of course we all love Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality, Ree @ The Pioneer Woman, The Nester, Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land, The Simple Woman's Day Book and so many more!

I am also thrilled that my real friend Karen started her blog Some Days are Diamonds and my daughter's blog, They Call Me Mason so that I get to really keep up with my friend and my family in this crazy busy life that I lead and sometimes....I wonder where did my week go???  However, I really want to say that my life is better having met all of you in blog world.  I've probably missed a few of my favorite blogs because I can't keep up any more ( I am 50 now you know!) Just know that I am thankful for your friendship and your comments make my day! 


Cindy said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Mine is this month also, I will actually have to look back and see when my first post was.

It has been such a joy to meet wonderful women like yourself and to get to know each other in the bloggy way.

Praying all continues to blossom in CA and in the lives of your family members.

Considering your friendship with joy,

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!
Isn't it the most amazing experience you have ever had?
Instant, connected relationships with amazing women like you!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Congrats on your one year Anniversary! The blog world is indeed wonderful...

skoots1mom said...


Nina Diane said...

Happy Blogiversary!!
thanks for the shout out. I really shouldn't correct you bit I will......I turned 53 this year, not 50 ;( haha....but all is good. Hope you had fun visiting the grand kids....and that they are all getting settled in.

justabeachkat said...

Happy lst anniversary sweet friend! I'm so glad you're blogging. Meeting you was a highlight of our trip to California this year. I look forward to seeing you again next March.


Karen said...

Only a year? When you hog-tied me and dragged me into this blogland thing.. . (HA! wink wink) I thought you had been doing it FOREVER!
I am so glad I was curious and soon discovered all of my new friends. Without you Miss Connie - who knows where my blog would be . . . you introduced to me to so many of your friends. Thank you, thank you! And thank you for the gift of our friendship, gosh - it's been what - 19 years now? WHOO HOOOO!!!!!!
DANIELLE HAS A BLOG????? Oh my gosh I'm on my way over . . . I didn't know!
Hugs, hugs and more hugs!!!!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Thank you for the Shout Out! Blogging has been fun for me too.

I am a little older at 52 but keeping up with other nonnys and moms in the same stage of life, as well as the young moms, has enriched my life.

So, so good to *get to know you*. I hope for a hundred more posts for you Connie!!


Cathy said...

Happy Anniverary Connie!!! Don't you just love this world of blogging?!!! I have enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by earlier!!! I am so glad that you are praying for little Connor. I know that his family is grateful for all of the prayers offered in Connor's behalf!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!! Thanks again!!!

Kelley said...

Happy Blogiversary! You blog is very fun to read!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Were you ever involved in a hard days work, and the sun was beating down on you, and someone walked up to you and handed you an ice cold lemonade??? You probably thought it was one of the nicest things someone could have done for you because it was cold, refreshing and just plain blessed your heart. That is exactly what your post did for me today...blessed my heart!! Thank you dear friend for your kindness to me. We grandmas do have to stick together. Plus you introduced me to many blogs I was unaware of. Congratulations to you on this memorable anniversary! I eagerly look forward to many more from you. Today I really needed this encouragement, and today I say thank you !!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Happy One Year!!! And of course thank you for the shout out...I love visiting you too! Glad you enjoyed Denver last weekend. I will keep an eye out for your family when I am out shopping! :)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Congratulations! Happy Blogaversary...wishing you many more.

Carol said...

Hey happy blogaversary my friend. What a joy it's been to meet you too!

It's amazing isn't it how the bonds of friendship grow, through our many shared interests and our love for the Lord.

I pray this next year is full of many many blessings for you and your family.



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