Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where I Live!

Kelly's Korner is having a Home Tour again.  
Today it's the living room so sit back and enjoy!  Here's where I live!

Welcome to my family room that was repainted last year.  We also
put up the new curtain panels.  I love this room!  It's where we live!

I got the photos loaded in the wrong order and don't want to take
the time to reload them so here's the view
from my hobby/computer room of the family room
which looks into the kitchen.

I don't have much on my table because we have a three year old grand daughter, a one year old grand son and a 6 month old grand son.  They like to put their toys on the table and I will have time to have a pretty table again soon but for now...a few magazines, a candle and some coasters grace the family room table. 
 Love those grandbabies!!

Treasured family photos and my purse usually sits in the blank space on the right.

We built in our TV a few years ago and this TV still has a great picture but a flat screen is in the future.  One day! Until then,  a few toys for the grandchildren and I'm still working on something new above the fireplace and on the mantle.  I've played with a few things and it's still a work in progress.  I'm a slow decorator!  

Another view as you come in from the garage or the front door.  
I do have something on that large wall behind my hubby's recliner.  
He loves to rock in that chair each night!

This a view of the real living room and when you have teenage sons, they sometimes talk you into using your living room for a pool room.  So this last's been a fun room with a beautiful pool table and lots of laughter in it!  For those of you that think....oh I could never do that!  Think about the joy and family time that room brings now and if your room doesn't bring your family joy and your children have a pool table given to them...let them use your living room.  It's worth it!

Another view of the living room furniture!

My seating area!  It's been fun to have this room get used and to see the smiles and laughter that come from it.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour, I enjoyed being your tour guide and this is where I live.  If you're ever in southern California...come on by!  I will make ya'll some sweet tea and we can sit a while or play some pool!  

H A P P Y     M O T H E R ' S    D A Y   
E V E R Y O N E!!!!


Joyce said...

I love that you have the pool table out : ) We have a pool table which has been in storage for the past 6 years and we are all looking forward to setting it up in our new house. It's great for family bonding and as your kids get older it's nice to have something for them to do with friends who come over.

justabeachkat said...

It all looks great Connie. We may take you up on your invitation next year when we return to California. We're sure hoping to see you guys again.

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Loving the laughter. That's what is important in a home. Good for you for knowing that! I'm a big fan of sweet tea myself and think I could be quite comfortable in your home having a friendly chat! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Connie, Just as I would expect, your home is beautiful, cozy, inviting, and the colors are what I would choose. As I was looking at the pictures, I thought to myself that I would love sitting in this room, and having coffee with her. Since you opened the invitation at the end of the became more tempting. So, "if" I ever come to CA, I may just take you up on your gracious offer to visit you in your charming home.

Team Eliza said...

What a great room you have Connie. I LOVE the built in TV cabinet - very cool. Hope you too have a terrific Mother's Day. Take Care - Jennifer

Karen said...

My living room would soooooooo be an awesome game room. But then what would I do with my big beautiful Christmas tree every year? Decisions, decisions! Your home looks nice and comfortable, just the way a home should be. Gee, I could see us all sitting at the dining room table eating wonderful food and then moving out to the back patio and drinking a good Pinot Noir and catching up and thinking back over Indian Guides and PTA. (hint hint) I'll bring the salad and the wine!
Great post! HUGS! Karen

Chelsa said...

you are an awesome mom! i hope to be that great when my kids are older! love your built ins! and i REALLY love your coffee table!

Nina Diane said...

I love your rooms!

lagirl said...

Lovely home.
I signed on as Follower, as I think we have much in common.
Stop by my Blog and seay "Hi" sometimes when you can.

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

Beautiful home! It feels so cozy, I love the couch & built ins! I hope to add a pool tabel when we finish our basement! Thanks for sharing!

Kelley said...

Love your blog! You have a lovely home. It is very warm and welcoming.


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