Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's New??

This was our hazy sunset tonight.  
The hubby and I taking our walk

Another fantastic view
Walking some more!
Another pretty photo.
At the top and half way point
Heading back to the car!

The hubby and I walked this wilderness area near our home three times this week.  WooHoo!!  It takes us about an hour and it's a workout!  We found out through a friend that it's about 3 miles.  It is a steady incline almost half way through the one hour walk.  As you can see it's really dry out there...we've had so little rain the few years.  It's really pretty when it's green.  We've seen a few bunny rabbits, squirrels, lizards, ants and a few birds.  No snakes yet!  I really don't want to run into any either!  So what's new with you???

**Thanks to our son Dustin for the photos.  He came along with us on our little walk and was quite impressed.  I am impressed with his photography skills.  


Just a little something from Judy said...

Well, I am impressed with all three of you!! What a trek for the two of you, and three times a week...that is most impressive!! And Dustin's photography is certainly impressive to me, how he captured the nature's beauty at that time of day. Funny thing is, I am going to be sharing one of our recent motorcycle excursions...but your togetherness is definitely a better workout!!

Shellmo said...

What great exercise in some very beautiful views!! 3 miles is impressive!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Good for you. 3 miles is a GREAT walk! I love that you have these pictures to look back on and remember. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Debbie said...

WoW! Such beautiful scenery and great photography.

Calming Scents said...

What a great walk. So scenic. I wouldnt want to see snakes way!

Nina Diane said...

Nice pictures! And nice to hear from you :)
and where the heck do you live where it's still so brown?
everything in Virginia is so lush and green right now.....the heat of the summer won't burn things up until August around here.

Joyce said...

Awesome pics! I love to walk...looks like a great spot.

What am I up to? Moving house. Not nearly as much fun as what you're up to!

Karen said...

Now see, the difference between us is - I wouldn't walk it in FEAR of the snakes. How dumb is that?
Good job for exercising! Mark and I need to start too. Ugh.
Cindy reminds me of my Mom when she was younger. i think it's "the hair"! She is just the sweetest thing. I keep telling her to save the snow for me!
So if you were walking - who took the pictures? Is Dustin home from school?
Have a great weekend! Be safe! Hugs. Karen

Karen said...

OK, so I didn't read the fine print. Sorry! Yay Dustin!!!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What BEAUTIFUL place to take a walk/hike!! The view...oh my...awesome.

3 miles huh....impressive!! :-)

Christine said...

One of the reasons you look so good my dear! I need this walk! How pretty and what a wonderful way to spend time together as well. Hugs

Cheffie-Mom said...

Oh, wow! I thought you were on vacation, until I read that these photos were taken by your home. How lucky you are to live near such a beautiful place!

bravemomma said...

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Pastora Debbie said...

What a blessing to have that so accessible to you

Tea Time With Melody said...

What beautiful scenery you have to walk in. I would do a lot of that too if that is what I got to see everyday. Great pictures too!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.


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