Sunday, June 28, 2009



Anonymous said...

Connie, thanks for visiting my blog and your comment...your pics are very good, you really should consider taking that class and starting your own business!! I very much enjoyed your slide show of Chicago..I have never been, its on the list....LOL

Have a great week..

Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh, to be young, energetic and skilled in the art of surfing...what fun they must have had together. The only disappointing thing about this post is not getting to see you out there with your surf board. We had our day, right? Great pictures of a cute couple!

Nina Diane said...

great pics Connie!
but where are the pics of you surfing?
Johnny and I leave for the beach on Sunday.....can't wait! A whole week of doing nothing!

Tonja said...

I was so happy today to see that you have visited me at Gatherings. I love making new friends, and am so happy to meet you. Your blog looks like such a fun place to visit...and I am looking forward to reading more about your beautiful family. Please come visit again. And way to go, surfers!


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