Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretty Lights!

So.... I was riding home in the car with hubby a couple weeks ago.  I had my camera out looking at all the photos I'd taken that day and decided to play with my camera.  I started taking photos of the traffic thru the windshield.  I amazed myself by the pretty squiggles that my camera was seeing in this traffic.  What else do you do while you're driving in traffic on your way home???
Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


Just a little something from Judy said...

You just brought a big smile to my face. You also made me stop and think, what do I do when sitting as his passenger? I talk, I read(mostly cookbooks and magazines), and I doze off. Now if you ask me, your pasttime of taking pictures of squiggly lights on the road, sounds like more fun.

Cindy said...

Sometimes I do stuff like that. I love playing with my digital camera. Now I want a really nice one. What if I can't work it!?
one trip, the last one north, it was a ice storm blizzard . I was so freaked out. My husband's a professional driver but, I could hardly control my anxiety. SO, on the trip back..which was worse than the trip there, I counted vehicles in the ditches and medians. There were 53 in 70 miles.

Tonja said...

How interesting! Some of the squiggles actually look like horses galloping down the road!

Kat said...

Great shots. Since I got my iPhone, I read e-mails and blogs while hubby drives :-)


Nina Diane said...

I loved these!so much fun....


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