Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Garden Gift Basket

Isn't this the cutest????

When I was in Arizona visiting my best friend, Tricia's daughter was making the cutest gift basket for a girl she works with who was having twins. We went by her home and helped her put together her baskets. I was so impressed, I told my daughter that we had to make one for her sister-in-law. We made this on Monday. Isn't it cute?

The baskets below are the ones I helped make in Arizona.

These were really cute...sorry the picture quality is so bad. I used my new Nikon Coolpix camera for these and I don't like the quality of the photos.

Here are my instructions so you can make one too!

You will need:

A basket or crate
Wood letters for name
wood paint
wood glue
floral picks with wire attached
shredded paper or grass
24-30 ft of narrow ribbon
bath duckie
wash cloths

**All of the baby gift items were purchased at Target.
***The basket, letters, paint etc were purchased at Michaels.

We chose this basket.

We chose wood letters for the baby's name and painted them. They take three coats of paint with a top coat of glitter glaze.

We chose a flower pot decoration and painted it also.

We attached the letters and flower pot decoration with wood glue and let it set overnight.

Then start attaching the pacifiers, shoes, onesies(rolled up with pick inside-wind wire around pick if not needed to attach item) and decorate with a ribbon bow.

How cute are these??

And these??

And this??

And this??

Those shoes are too cute too!!

My daughter needs to have a baby girl!!!

Once you have all items on the picks, put the styrofoam in the bottom of the basket and stagger the styrofoam so you have a taller section in the back of the basket and in the center. Cover with shredded paper. Start inserting items in basket to create your gift garden and see how cute a gift you've created.

These shoes are pretty cute too!

Attach the pacifiers with the wire on the top of the pick and then attach a ribbon through the pacifier holes. I love these!

The duck was so sweet...he was heavy but we attached the pick wires to him and set him in the corner.

I love the spoons with a ribbon around each one...they look like little flowers!

The shoes really anchored the center of the garden!

The top of the socks said Love...I stuffed one sock inside the other and put the pick up inside the sock or rolled it around the pick if you want the sock the other way and tied a ribbon around it.

We really lucked out with everything we chose and what was available because it was a flower garden theme too.

The finished gift! I just love it!

So if you are like me and not the creative one to come up with something like this on your own, you have my permission to use this idea and make it your own. If you do make one, please let me know so I can see it. Just FYI, this can be a pricey gift if you don't plan ahead. It also takes about 4 hours to complete. I enjoyed making this with my daughter. What fun we had until
2am the other night.


Just a little something from Judy said...

I am over and above excited to see this post! How very cool for grandmas like us to have access to the simple rules and instructions on how to make something this creative, practical and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all of the details. When is your friend's daughter's twins due? Ours are due in the next few weeks.

Nina Diane said...

I love that!!! thanks so much for sharing....


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