Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Special Nephew

Our son, Dustin with his grandfather and cousin, Derek
Our daughter, Danielle with Derek's wife Beth and Mason
Our nephew, Derek is moving to Oregon to study for his Doctorate in Psychology.  It's an amazing story because Derek has dyslexia.  He struggles to read.  However, with new technology that scans his books and a program that reads it all back to him, he can study and learn and pass his classes.  His Mom and Dad have been a huge support over the years assisting him in writing his papers and studying for tests.  Now his wife, Beth (who is herself studying to be a pharmacist) encourages him endlessly and studies with him into the early morning hours and helps him write his papers. I am so proud of Derek for his accomplishments and being so persistant in his dream to get this degree.  He applied to many schools over the last 2 years and was always denied entry because he could not pass a mandatory written test.  

He is the nicest person you would ever want to meet and is a joy to be around.  Beth is his perfect mate and she knew it when she first met him and told her friend that she was going to marry that boy!

We are celebrating tonight as Derek heads to Oregon State to continue his pursuit of his Doctorate.  Beth will join him shortly as she has her last set of internships to complete and she will be a full fledged pharmacist.  So keep them in your prayers as they go through this time of separation and excitement for the next chapter in their lives.


Karen said...

Good for them! Boy! Will they be on their way once they've both acheived their dreams!!!! WOW! A Dr. and a pharmacist!!
Good girl for signing up for the party! It'll be a BLAST!!!!!! Can you imagine all the fun "doors" we in blogland are going to get to see? How inspiring!!

Love Being a Nonny said...

What a precious, inspiring story. Gives hope to so many. Thank you for sharing. I will add them to my prayer list!!

Nina Diane said...

that is so wonderful and so inspiring!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I can't express to you how proud of your nephew and this major accomplishment. I have people in my life who struggle with some of the same issues, so I know how difficult it is. Thus making me all of the prouder of this young man and his dear, supportive wife. I do wish them the very best!!

As for your beautiful daughter. I smile when I see her because she looks so much like you. That is fortunate for both of you.

Kat said...

Sweet post and good photos! I wish him success.


Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, what an inspiration your nephew is. Congratulations!

The Berry's Patch said...

Hey Connie,

What a great story! It's hard enough to study and stay focused...he has to go above and beyond. If he ever wants a side job...he could counsel kids that suffer from dyslexia. I think so many of them give up early on. Congratulations to your nephew for his success!


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