Monday, July 12, 2010

Aunt Eileen's 90th BDay Bash & Family Reunion

My mom's oldest sister turned "90" on July 5th and her family threw her a weekend full of fun! I was able to go to assist my mom...we met in the Phoenix Airport and flew to Idaho together. We met her brother from Indiana and we all drove into Nampa for the weekend. Our family reunions are full of Hugs, FOOD, and more FOOD and games. All kinds of games and did I say FOOD???

So here goes:

Prayer before the Saturday evening banquet for family.

My mom and I with my Aunt Eileen:

Mom enjoying a game of pinochle with my cousins children. She had so much fun! Can't you tell?

Love my cousin Mary who I hadn't seen in over 30 years. We used to hang out together at these reunions when we were younger. She always showed me a good time.

Mom having breakfast with her brother, Lane. She was so touched to get to see had been 3 years since they saw each other last.

Mom just fell in love with Faith (two months old) who is my cousins' daughter's daughter....did you follow that? Well anyway, the youngest member of the Johannes family and the legacy continues. She was 2 months old and just loved my mom back with lots of smiles!!

My mom and her sister, Eileen and brother, Lane. They are 3 of 9 children who are all still living. Most of the other brothers and sisters can't travel due to health issues.

My aunt Eileen with three of her great grandchildren.

Aunt Eileen's granddaughter, Melissa sang the song "POPULAR" from Wicked. She gave her a crown and a few other items to assist her in being POPULAR!

Aunt Eileen and all of her children, their children and so on!! I arranged them so that we could see all of their faces and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! Ha!

Aunt Eileen's SIL imitated her in a skit....she always wants a light on near you when you come to visit and gives everyone a blanket and was too funny!

She and my mom thought so too!

She loves to laugh!

I was telling her about how I did this. She loved it!

My cousin, Maureen who made it all happen. Thanks was a great weekend!

My cousin, Maureen's son who serves our country in France and his family. Love them!! Little Kayden was born a couple days after Mason and she was like him in many ways. It would have been fun to see them together.

Me, Uncle Lane, my cousin, Bruce, his wife Sandy and Mom. I never knew Bruce too well because he was a few years older than I was and was not always around when we came to visit. He is a special cousin now that we've connected online and I like that.

Mom and Lane took a walk each morning. It was beautiful weather while we were there and it didn't get dark until 11pm at night. That's pretty late!!

The last day! A quick visit to Aunt Eileen's home and then it was off to the airport for mom and trip to downtown Boise for me! More on that in my next post!

Love my roots and this family. They are truly special. What a great time I had....eating, hugging, learning to play pinochle for the first time, played Apples to Apples for the first time too, hugging and lots of eating. AND of course time with my mom! SPECIAL!!


Anonymous said...

I'm from a big family too. I have 8 siblings like your mom. There are four older than me and four younger than me. I'm the middle child.

Thank you for sharing. God bless your day.


Just a little something from Judy said...

What a fun party. Thank you for sharing the events with us. Your mother looks so good at her age. Well, actually you do at you age too:) Don't you just love being with family and having time to laugh and talk together? I like all the smiles on the people's faces, especially the one of your mother holding her great-granddaughter. Priceless!

Karen said...

I LOVE PINOCHLE! My grandpa taught me to play when I was little.
OMG You look like you had a grand time. How fun to get to reconnect. I love family reunions. I love hearing all the old stories and listen to everyone tell their version.
You are so Blessed!
Your Mom looks wonderful - what a special time for her. You are so LUCKY!!!!
Love this.
But for now, we are outta here for a few days! YAY!

Cindy said...

Your Auntie shares my middle name:)

Looks like you had a fabulous time and Yes, if you have time while you are here next week we will most definitely get together - just let me know:)

Anonymous said...

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