Monday, July 12, 2010

Where have I been???

Wow! Summer is here and the days are passing very quickly! Here's what I've been up to besides tending to my garden.

I was here for the 4th of July Weekend with my mom for her sister's (my Aunt's) 90th birthday. Did I tell you that I've been to two 90th birthday bashes and one 100th Birthday party so far in my lifetime?

While in Idaho...I got to see a friend from my high school youth group days. It was great catching up with Cherie again. I said it had been 20 years but it's really been 30+ years since we had seen each other and we just talked the afternoon away. Love it when that happens!

Then my flight got cancelled leaving Idaho and I got rerouted through Denver and boy was I sad....NOT I was ESTATIC!!! because I got to spend a day with these two wonderful grandchildren. What a bonus that was!!

And then since I was getting to go have all the fun, my wonderful husband decided we needed some time together and we spent last weekend at the beach in La Jolla. It was amazing. We love taking walks and exploring so that's what we did. The hubby is not a sit on the beach kind of guy.
So I've got lots to share with you and am working on breaking it all down in small pieces so I don't have ONE LOOOOOONG post that blogger can't handle anyway!


Nina Diane said...

love the pics! I know you were glad to see those grandbabies!! Looking forward to seeing some pics of ya'lls weekend getaway.

Anonymous said...

After a storm comes a calm...................................................................

Anonymous said...

Connie you were in my neck of the woods. I sure hope you guys had a wonderful time. San Diego is truly a beautiful city. Lots to do, fun for exploring.

Looking forward to reading your update on the your vacation.


Karen said...

Wow the kids are getting BIG!
But no picture of Dallas!!!!
I can tell you were broken hearted at having to reroute thru Denver ... :)
YAY! :)


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