Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!

I love the Mission Inn. It is the most beautiful place in town. My daughter, my grandson and I and the hubby took his mom to lunch here for her 87th birthday next week since I will be away. She is doing so well and looks so good for her age and since losing the love of her life 6 months ago. She loved it and the food was pretty good too!

Here we are:

Showing her around...the architectural detail is so pretty and the flowers and decor. I just love showing everyone around.

This is the chair that was built for President Taft when he visited in 1909. As you can tell...he was a big man! All the presidents since Roosevelt have stayed at the Mission Inn. Kat and I have a photo of us in this chair. Check that out here!

This little guy just loves being with his grandma, grandpa, great-grandma and mommy!! Actually he was laughing so hard because we were trying to get him to make the snoring sound like his daddy makes. He thought we were pretty funny. We think he's pretty funny when he does it!

Showing Mason the parrots.

We had to have a birthday cupcake at Casey's Cupcakes around the corner from the Mission Inn. They are pretty good!!

Lenie makes aprons and she thought this one was pretty cute!

See those cupcakes....they call my name BIG time!! I tried the banana one...yummmmmo!! The carrot cake one and the ....are all good!!

A little gift for my sweet mother-in-law.

A new photo album full of family gatherings since last year. She loves to look at them and show her guests.

She and my daughter have a special bond...they are so sweet together just like when Danielle was little. Here they are just visiting and my daughter receiving a little bracelet that her grandma let her wear when she was little at her grandma's house.

Special times....I love these times.

Make time to be together and enjoy these never know if you will get another chance. Make up with a loved one who has hurt you or wronged you. It's not worth it to be mad for long. I know it's hard...I've been there and going through a hard one with a loved one. I'm trying to work it through. Pray for me this week when I see this person.


Love Being a Nonny said...

You are all so pretty!!! I know you had a great time!

Oh, and I love ME and PIONEER WOMAN mentioned in the same sentence!!:)

Nina Diane said...

looks like a great time Connie. I can't believe how much Mason is growing. I'm coming out there one day to have lunch with you at the Mission Inn!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing comes from nothing.............................................................

陳珮琴 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Just a little something from Judy said...

So many thoughts go through my mind as I look at these pictures. It seems like love and devotion are two of the main themes. It is fun to see family members sharing special times together and smiling through it all. I like every picture! You certainly have some real good looking genes in your family line. The little guy's laughter is a heart stealing picture.

Happy 87th Birthday to this dear lady!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to your MIL! What a fund day and I love all your pictures Connie! What a beautiful spot...I'd love to visit there some day.

Kat said...

87? Really? I sure hope I look that good and that young at 87! She is adorable. I know she enjoyed the Mission Inn. Your photos definitely brought back memories of last March when we were there together. Time really DOES fly!

I'm not sure how I missed your other post??? Maybe my reader isn't working right. I was surprised when I saw how many I've missed, but I enjoyed getting to catch up. You've been busy and have been blessed with lots of family togetherness. Lucky you.

Say hi to Dwight.



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