Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sew simple!!

Let's see what I can make out of this??

Nice new pillows!!

I haven't sewn anything in years and am always so encouraged by all the gals in blogland that are so crafty.  I learned how to sew in Home Economics.  A class that is gone from most high schools these days.  I bought my sewing machine from Sears when I got my first job.  I made dresses, shorts and nightgowns for myself.  When the children were little I made nightgowns for Danielle, Halloween costumes, curtains and other simple projects.  It felt good to get the sewing machine out and recover my pillows on the couch.  I'm not the best at picking out fabric but am pleased with the end result and four new pillows for under $40.


Kat said...

I used to sew too, but rarely do now. Your pillow look good and I love the fabric.


Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Connie, you have had a busy summer! I love the cushions..I also learned sewing in Home Ec and from my mom..I have been sewing aprons the last few months and enjoying it so..I might try my hand at recoverin a couple of pillows and see how it goes..I have been encouraged here in blogland by so many talented bloggers, too.
Have a great week


Just a little something from Judy said...

First you shocked me with your canning skills and now you surprised me again with your sewing skills. I am impressed my friend. The pillows are beautiful!

Cindy said...

Great Pillows and you did well choosing the fabric!
Home Ec, Aww, the things our kids missed.
Have a super day:)


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