Sunday, May 29, 2011


Change is inevitable and whether we like it or not, we are in a constant state of change.  

We have gone through a lot of change in 3 years and have learned so many lessons along the way.  Now don't get me wrong, I have not adjusted well to some of them well...maybe most of them.  I'm finally able to accept what has happened and move forward.   I'm not proud to say that I left God out of much of it over the last couple years. I have been a faithful believer and trusted God would take care of me which I thought meant that I wouldn't have to go through some really hard stuff.  I really like everything to flow and be happy!  I really misunderstood God's love and care because through it all, He was right there carrying me when I was screaming mad at where I was in my life.  Through God's grace and HIS grace only I realize this now and thank Him for never leaving me and for being the loving and ever present God that He is!

So change is inevitable...Here's a little snapshot of what I (we've) gone through.  My husband and a good friend, opened a business in 2007 only to close it in 2010 due to the economy and mistakes made opening a small business.  Every last dime we had was gone because we invested it and more in something we thought would take us into retirement.  We also had our boys working with us.  My son, Dallas and his family moved to Colorado for a job taking my grandchildren over a 1,000 miles away.   I was a realtor and in 2008, my business of listing homes for sale dried up so I didn't have work for the first time in 10 years.  I worked for another realtor for 6 months as an assistant and really enjoyed it.  His business was so bad that he couldn't keep me.  My husband was laid off from his job of 10 years.  My father-in-law died suddenly.  We had to buy two cars for cash (because we had no income any longer).  One car for my husband who had to turn back his company owned vehicle and one for me because my lease was up two months after my husband got laid off.  We had to file bankruptcy due to the business failure.  We attended the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class at church to assist us in our finances for the future. (That program is amazing!)  My dad died suddenly after being hospitalized for pneumonia.  I went back and forth to Arizona for 6 weeks to visit him before he died.  God was good...he accepted Jesus as his Savior before he died.  He had resisted church or anything Christian most of his life.  The realization that we had to sell our home and where were we going to go???  And during this time, the hubby and I were having our ups and downs.  It was not good at times.  I was a mess inside, trying to keep it all together on the outside.  AND I can tell feels so good to have all of this behind me. 

So I plan to share more as the year goes by of what I learned through all of this.  It's been alot to go through but then I am reminded in God's word about how He cares for us and doesn't give us more than we can handle and if we get in a hard place, He provides a way out.  Then again, I am reminded that there are others in this world going through so much more than I.  Thank you God for taking care of me.....


Christine said...

Wow! You have been through a lot!
I'm glad you decided to blog again. We all can give you a pat on the back and lift you up in prayer.
Thanks for stopping by my blog

Dogmom Diva said...

Oh Connie, bless you..we have also had a few ups and downs the last few years..I have tried to accept what I cannot control. We also had to file for BK..due to medical bills and are slowly pulling ourselves up from that. Imagine, at our age..We always paid our bills when we both I know exactly what that feels like. we really should get together, I have a feeling we have a lot in common..
thank you for stopping by and meeting my new granddaughter..she is so precious and seems like a reward for a life well lived.


Nina Diane said...

dang Connie! I had no idea ya'll were going through all of that. I'm sorry...glad things are getting better now. Life can be so rough at times but looks like you are coming through it. hugs and prayers to you my friend

Midwest Nest said...

Thanks for sharing. Your family will be in our prayers.

Calming Scents said...

Connie, I have to tell you, this hopefully dosnt come out wrong, but I'm so glad I found this post of yours. I to personally have gone thru many of these very things in my life, marriage etc. Its been a very hard long lonely, tough road. My husband and I actually did divorce. We remarried a few years later. Its very tough to recover from some of these things,,,very hard. I wish you the best and wanted you to know, if you ever want to talk, I'll listen. I think it helps when you can find someone that has actually walked in the shoes you to have walked. Life isnt always so comfy and cozy as some of us may think. Its downright painful.

debi said...

Connie, thank you for this post that I so needed to read today. Coming up on the anniversary of losing my sweet Dad on the 20th and I am overwhelmed with sadness, missing him more than ever. Along with that I am still trying to recover from back surgery, and two and a half months of vertigo so that I can find a much needed job.
I have so much to be thankful for and trying so hard to hang on to joy and trust God in this life. Asking for prayers....thanks in advance :-)
It's not buy chance I found you in the blog world .....


Sally said...

I'm sorry for what you've had to endure, Connie. Life just doesn't always seem fair. I too can relate on the bankruptcy, fear of losing my home but I do have strong faith that things will work out in the end.

I know how difficult it was for you and your husband to have lost your father's during that time also. For me, the loss of my 17 y/o grandson has been the absolute hardest; he died in 2008 from an accident while practicing motocross on the track. It has taken a while (a long while) to find any semblance of a "normal" while at the same time the financial problems seen almost like nothing.

I pray ya'll will continue to find the things you need to be happy. God bless you and your beautiful family!


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