Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bella and Dylan at Grandma's

Bella and Dylan were over last week and I caught Bella playing in the backyard at her sand and water table. She loves to play in the sand. As you can see, she ignored me most of the time(see slideshow). What a cutie! I love her curls in the back of her head. We have waited for her hair to grow in and it's beautiful! Dylan wondered what all the flashing was about when grandma got out the camera. Don't you love his big brown eyes? Dwight and I got him the M&M's onesie at the M&M's store in New York. I guess he didn't want to be an M&M!!
I take care of Bella and her brother, Dylan twice a week. What joy it gives me to care for them. They are so precious and I love it. I am so thankful to be able to do this for Dallas and Selena and to really get to know my grandchildren. I never got to live close to my grandparents. I soaked in everything each time I saw them. My grandmothers were so special and taught me how to crochet, to bake and to collect things that you love. I have such great memories of the times with my grandparents. I hope to make those memories for my grandchildren too.
I love having Bella and Dylan nearby so that they drop in for a quick visit or stay a while whenever they want. I will be taking lots of trips to Orange county to see Danielle's new little one at the end of the year. I want him to know that I am near too!

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