Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New York 30th Anniversary!

Dwight and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in New York. What a nice treat!

We took the subway to Yankee Stadium and became Yankee fans for a day. This is the final season for the Yankees to play in their original stadium. It is sad for many fans however, when you start looking around you can see it's time for a new stadium. The new stadium is right across the parking lot and it looks fabulous. We will have to make another trip to come and see that! :)

We saw the Broadway shows Mama Mia and Grease. Wow! It's so amazing to see how talented the actors are that put on these shows. Once again I was mesmerized as I watched and loved every minute of each show.

We stayed at the Westin at 43rd and 8th St. We were one block from Times Square. Our room was on the 31st floor with a view of Times Square, 42nd Street and the Empire State building. I thought is was pretty neat.

The view of 43rd St to Times Square from our room.

We love this place!!

We ate breakfast, bought water and had a few treats at the EuroPan (a 24-hr cafe) next to the Westin on 8th and 43rd St.

We love Times Square! Dwight was a trooper as I wandered the streets of New York with my camera. What fun memories we will have looking at all the pictures.

When we visited New York with our children in 2004, we found this rock and I took a picture of Dallas with his hands held high. It looked like he was holding up the buildings. I wanted to give it a try!

After lunch at Tavern on the Green in Central Park on our anniversary, we walked back through Central Park and found my favorite picture spot. This bridge can be seen in many movies shot in New York. It's so amazingly beautiful!

We had a nice time! Thanks Dwight, I love you!

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