Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Earthquake and More!

Yes, we have survived another earthquake and quite a shaker it was! A 5.8 on the richter scale. I was in my office which was built in the 60's and it has full glass panel walls on most offices so it was a bit scarey after it was all said and done to think that we stood there and waited for the quake to finish. They usually last only seconds and then it's done however, we vowed to get out of the building or move to the middle of it next time. I'm still glad that we only have the occasional earthquake and not the annual hurricane or tornado.

THE MORE part: To play catch up, we've all been sick with the flu. Bella got it from her Uncle Josh, who then gave it her parents(yes, Dwight and I got the call Sunday at 7am--can we come get Dylan and Bella because both Dallas and Selena were throwing up!), they passed it on to me and finally Dwight got the bug on Tuesday. According to him, he's had it the worst! We hope we are done with that! Dwight really got to bond with little Dylan and was great help. After spending the whole day with two little ones, Dwight said "I don't think my friend, Kevin has any idea what he's in for!" Kevin's wife Katie is due with their second child in October/November. They have three year old Grace that's the light of their lives right now.

This is the first time to mention my office on the blog....yes I do work sometimes! I am a realtor with Coldwell Banker Armstrong Properties. I was attempting to take the summer off as I have been very frustrated with the market however all of a sudden I have gotten a busy again. Guess what??? When you give it all to God, He turns it around for you. That's what happened. One day, I just said Lord this business is all yours...if you want me to do this, then show me. I can't complain, although I was looking forward to just playing this summer and sitting at the beach a day a week or so. It hasn't happened yet!
I enjoy the real estate business's just been hard with clients losing their homes and nothing works to assist them in keeping the home, the short sale process is not an easy one and foreclosure takes forever. Good sellers can't get buyers to look at their homes because it's not a foreclosure. The perception is that the best buy right now is the foreclosure. Buyers want a smoking deal and won't take your advice and they lose out on the house they really want. They get accepted on the one they don't truly love and you have to cancel that one. Or they still want to wait because real estate is still losing value. My best advice: Real estate is a long term investment and it's right to buy or sell when it makes sense to you personally and financially.

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