Sunday, March 14, 2010

We had a busy weekend!

The hubby was busy building and making our planting mix for our first box garden. I am so excited to see what we grow. We bought lots of seeds...all kinds of veggies and strawberries! We are using the book All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew as a guide. He breaks it down simply for us city folk!

While the hubby was working on the garden, I was busy painting our computer/hobby room. It looks so nice with a new coat of paint(I enjoy painting~ if you recall the hubby and I repainted all of the downstairs except this room and the laundry room and the upstairs bonus room and hall for 3-1/2 days about a year ago). Click here to see the kitchen and here for the family room, click here for the living room/dining room to take a peek.

We both feel so good accomplishing so much this weekend and now are on Alleve for the aching muscles that we don't use on a regular basis. Looking forward to a good week and dinner with a blog friend and her hubby tonight. Have a good week!


Kat said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys!


Nina Diane said... did get a lot done. Me...not so much! We had Maddox with us Friday night and then went to that football game. Hoping to get some work done this week with it staying light longer. Can't wait to see pics as your veggies grow!

Karen said...

OH YAY! When we did our backyard here when we relandscaped it all I had 3 above ground planters boxes put in. (Mark called them coffins, one for me, one for Chloe and one for Kayla). Anyway you know me and growing my own herbs and veggies. 2 awesome years - lots of yummy things! Except something kept eating the dirt - literally. I'd spend $200 a year on adding new soil - it became so opposite of what I was trying to accomplish - we tore them out - burned them as firewood and replaced them with rock. Go figure!
:) Have a good evening! And great job! Both of you!

Christine said...

Very cool...I want to plant a garden now..I have to wait for the rain and cold to go away I like the idea of planter boxes..I bet this helps keep the weeds down too.I love gardening..makes me happy! =o)

kanishk said...

Hoping to get some work done this week with it staying light longer. Can't wait to see pics as your veggies grow!
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