Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Family Room redo

Family room with sage green curtains and small rods

Mantle above fireplace

Isn't that paint color awful???

Lots of grandchildren's toys!!!

I need something above the fireplace.  I would love your suggestions.
I rearranged the family pictures.  My purse sits in the bare space to the right.
I need help with what to do with that wall behind my hubby's chair.  Any suggestions???

A peek into the kitchen!!!

I LOVE MY NEW FAMILY ROOM!!!  The new paint and the new curtains and rods make it look so nice.   I need a new something for above the fireplace and a new something for behind my hubby's rocker recliner(it's a  big wall--so any suggestions would be very helpful).  I also need something kid friendly but decorative for the coffee table and a few new pillows yet for the couch.  I had two large pictures that I just bought to fill the space and I've wanted to get rid of them for a long time they are gone!  I will be getting back to the house in a few days.  We have a baby shower on Saturday for my daughter in Arizona so I'm busy tying up the loose ends of that, served jury duty today, opening an escrow tomorrow :) and writing an offer for a buyer tonight.  


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Looks lovely! For the wall space, you should visit Boo Mama's blog and search for paintings or something on her blog because she has this great idea about buying blank canvases at a Hobby Lobby type store and painting abstracts yourself. I'm not kidding. Hers look great. If your grandkids are old enough, you could see how it looks if they do one. It's not fingerpainting; you'd just have to see it to understand. But your room does look really nice. How about a metal sculpture on the wall behind your husband's chair? I'm picturing a sort of bronzy metal.

The Berry's Patch said...

Love the paint color. The room looks so nice and ties into the kitchen nicely. I'm thinking something iron over the fireplace. And a nice grouping of family pictures behind the chair. Hope your having fun in Arizona. :-)


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