Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankfulness #14

My dad with my daughter, Danielle and little Mason!

Thankful for my dad and the time he spent with me growing up.  I loved watching baseball with him, looking at his baseball cards with him, tinkering in the garage with him and just being with him.   I loved my dad and he loved me.  Today I am celebrating one year that he's been gone.  It's been the hardest thing not to call him and say "Hi Dad!  Whatcha up to today?"  I'm glad he's in heaven today.  He prayed for Jesus to come into his heart before he died!  I am so thankful that he did.  I look forward to seeing him in Heaven one day soon!

Don't let any of your loved ones leave this earth without sharing Jesus with them.  It's the only way that they will be there in heaven when you get there!

1 comment:

debi said...

Boy, I'm familiar with "another" year without Dad. I know how hard it is, I know how much you miss him.
Not surprised.... I too spent lots of time tinkering in the garage with my Dad :-)
My prayer is your heart remain full of all the happy memories until we meet them again.
Do you suppose they've met?

Hugs and love Connie!


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