Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankfulness #19

Thankful for my oldest son, the middle child and the life of our home!!  He is funny, smart, loving, crazy and gives great hugs!!  I was so thrilled when he came into our lives and it's been FUN with a capital "F" ever since.  He and I have a bond like no other and I love him so very much!  He is my biggest cheerleader and friend!  

Life hasn't been easy on the personal side. He has gone through some tough times with his relationship with his wife...they got pregnant, got married, had Miss B, divorced 10 months later (something he never wanted!), he moved back home with us, graduated college and worked full-time, that next year was tough with shared custody and trying to get his ex-wife stable to support a baby on her own, they became pregnant again a year later, he worked on their relationship, Mr. D was born, they became a couple and a family of 4 and learned to love each other unconditionally, they planned their wedding, it was a beautiful day in December up in the mountains, they moved to Colorado because of a job (away from family and grandparents :() they are now a family of 5 who own a house and serve the Lord together in their church. Praise God for answered prayer and grace!!  I am so thankful for my son and his family!  I love them so much!!

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