Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankfulness #18

SO very thankful for my daughter and my friend!  When I was ready to have children, I told everyone I wanted boys because I had sisters and we didn't get along all that well growing up (I love them to death and beyond!).  God saw it differently and blessed me with a beautiful daughter inside and out!  She was an easy, happy child who loved to sing and just be with me.  She was obedient and loved her brothers unconditionally.  I missed her terribly when she went off to college and basically never came back home.  We kept our relationship strong by me allowing her to have her freedom and by getting together for lunch as often as we could.  We enjoyed going to different spas when I closed a sale and we booked our hair appointments with her friend so we could catch up and have lunch!  We love being together no matter what....even if we don't say much!  She loves Jesus, is a good wife and mother and friend!  I love her like no other and am so glad God blessed me with a daughter!!

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