Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness #9

My cousin, Nancy & my sister Pat!

My cousins, Bruce, Candy and Joanne

My cousins, Wes & Jason
My mom was one of 9 children so needless to say, I have 38 first cousins!  Today I am thankful for large families and for cousins who are so much fun to visit.  We just have a bond that is so special.  My cousins live all over the United States (North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Indiana, North Carolina, California, Washington, Idaho and Colorado) and I love visiting each and every one!  I've been fortunate over the years to have met and spent time with my cousins when I was a child through adulthood.  We had wonderful family reunions and my mom made sure we were there!  Even if it meant a couple days drive!  Family was important.  It is now up to us cousins to keep the family in touch because most of our parents are not able to travel.  
We are now talking about a family gathering every 5 years....I will be one of the ones making it happen.  Family and extended family is important to me too!

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debi said...

Connie I am amazed at what all we have in common! My Mom is one of 11 and I can't even begin to count how many 1st cousins???
Family is also totaly important to me. My cousin and I have planned our last three family reunions...we end up with over a hundred, all meeting in Montana from all over! Really blessed by a great family heritage for sure...
We need to get together some day !!



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