Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Behind those Eyes

I am participating in an on-line Bible Study with a group of women from all over the US and abroad each Tuesday as we work our way through the book called:  "Behind Those Eyes", by Lisa Whittle.  I will be posting my thoughts as best I can on the chapter we study that week.  My blog will be linked to Lelia who is hosting this bible study so that you can read what the other women have learned from this study as well.  

Chapter 2:  Ms. Perfection

This chapter starts out with a family getting ready for church on Sunday morning and what it takes to get ready for that perfect entrance.  That even though things have been hectic and we've been arguing with our spouse, short with the kids, that we ALL put on the face of everything is perfect even down to what we are wearing.  
We had so many of those mornings over the years and we felt bad putting on our perfect family faces and voices but it's what you do.  I know God was not pleased  most of the mornings with our actions but was pleased that we were going to worship and fellowship. 

My conviction this week was from pg 31 where Lisa writes..."Ladies, we act like a perfect wife more than we actually are one." Oh my....yes...this is a struggle for me..my hubby and I think so differently.  He is the more emotional one and I am the black and white one.  After 30 years, we are still learning to communicate.  Because of my Ms. Perfection personality traits, I didn't always let loose and have fun. What would people think???  I am now finally letting loose more...my boys have helped with that but now my husband is learning to live with the new me.  I am trying to be a better wife NOT a perfect one!

Lisa wrote on page 37 ..."I am not perfect, and I don't try to be anymore.  Trying to be perfect is so exhausting, and there never an end to it."  AMEN to that...It took me a long time and lots of stress to realize that I CANNOT do it ALL!!  I cannot compare myself to the woman who can do more than me, looks greater than me, volunteers for everything and still has it together.  I am me and I am ok with it!

Our Challenge Question:  Search your heart.  Is it more important for you to be seen as perfect in a certain area...or seen as real?  I think we need to be real to make a difference for Christ.  How can we share Christ if we are not real?  I still struggle to be real because I don't want to be hurt, or talked about or seen as weak.  I'm working on it though and letting people in to my life on a deeper level.  On that note...I go in for surgery tomorrow...please pray for my nervousness as this is my first surgery ever and for the doctor's hand to do the operation right and for quick healing. Thank you.

Thank you Lelia for hosting this study and for being real!  Love ya,  Connie


Jill said...

Yes, if we want to make a difference we need to be real. What a true statement, but such a challenge at times. Thanks for the encouraging words and reminder that we are all in this together! Praying for your surgery! Jill

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about loving my post. It means a lot as I began to question my words as I read how others viewed the chapter.

If I may say so, you are beautiful for 50. Really, you are.

May I also say, that I smiled and chuckled inside when you said "for the doctor's hand to do the operation right". I smiled and said oh yeah, that's what we all hope, huh? Isn't it awful that we've come to even have to question doctors.

But remember, more than that man standing over you on the operating table is the Great Physican above you, watching you, guiding your body and healing. HE is the One who will carry you and WILL see you through this surgery.

You know I've not had a "real" surgery at an adult age. Well, at 21, I had my wisdom teeth out but I think I just had "laughing gas" to put me under. I can't imagine having surgery at my more mature age of 34. I say mature as just being more aware of life, it's fragility, and having a more keen sense of fear.

Remember, the Great I AM is with you tomorrow.

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you are doing this study and I came to your blog. I have finally met someone else turning '50' very soon.

For me it is only 24 days.

I've been counting down for 2+ months doing lots of fun things to get ready and celebrate!!

Looking forward to watching you celebrate too!

Tammy R said...

Your words have encouraged me. You seem so comfortable with yourself.

I turned 50 in May...where did the years go? But I'm learning to embrace it.

Your in my prayers.

Laura said...

"After 30 years, we are still learning to communicate."

Hallelujah! I've been married 15 years, and I thought it was just us! God just keeps changing things on me, and we have to start all over. In some ways, its a beautiful thing.
I love your openness, and have enjoyed reading your thoughts. Can't wait to read more!

Carol said...


I came over from Lelia's blog. I love your insight on this study. Thank you for your wisdom, and letting us know that even after 30years your still learning and growing together.

Praying that your surgery went well.


Lelia Chealey said...

Hey Connie!
I will be praying for your surgery. That is always tough...whether it's an easy or more complicated surgery. Let me know how it went.

I loved how you posted what popped out to you throughout the chapter then shared your own life with us.
I'm sure your husband is loving the new you!!
Love ya,

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Connie-Being real, not comparing...letting go of self to let God. Tough journey. Are we not insulting Him by trying to be something we are not? Definitely.
Thanks for shaing (and you look wonderful at 50!!)

In His Graces~Pamela

Liz said...

Hope you are having a safe surgery and speedy recovery!

Thank you for comment and the insight on chapter 2.

Blessings and prayers, ~Liz

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. YOU have a beautiful family!!

"I cannot compare myself to the woman who can do more than me, looks greater than me, volunteers for everything and still has it together. I am me and I am ok with it!"

--I love that you wrote this! I feel the same way but every once and a while that old satan creeps in and I struggle with the OK with me bit. I believe it will be life-long struggle.

Hope you are recovering from your surgery.


Lisa said...

You are a beautiful woman and daughter of God. I pray you know that tonight and in the deepest places of your heart!

I prayed for you by name tonight. I do hope you are healing from surgery.

Lisa :)


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