Thursday, September 18, 2008

Softball Champs!

We played a double header last night and ended our summer season in first place!!! When we started out playing softball it was for fun and now we like to win a little(not really--we like to win our games!!)  I pitched both games and can feel it this morning.  I'm on Alleve right now.  It numbs the aches and pains.  Boy did I have fun though!!!

Next week is the playoffs to determine the true Champion.  We can't wait and want to come in 1st Place.  I am having to take a leave from softball after this for a little female surgery on October 1st.  My first surgery ever.  I am expecting to bounce back pretty fast.  I have to!  Afterall, more softball awaits me and so does a new grandbaby due Nov. 1st!!


The Berry's Patch said...

OMGosh, you play softball. How fun!!! I would love to play softball. Right now just my kids play sports. Is it through your church?

Cheffie-Mom said...

Softball is so much fun! I don't play, but have a friend who plays, and absolutely loves it! You go girl! And keep us posted on the surgery. (:


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