Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

It's a great day!  I am on jury duty this week.  I called in last night and didn't have to report to the court today.  I call in tonight to see if they need me tomorrow.  It's hard to plan your week. If I get chosen, I will gladly serve.  We are done painting for now.  I took pictures this morning of the rooms all cleaned up and I can hardly believe it's my house.  

I found a few things over the weekend at Marshall's for some fall decorating.  I am not a shopper and I keep things forever so it's nice to have a few new things for the fall.  I did save $$ though especially on that last pumpkin...I saw it at Gottchalks on Saturday for $39.99 and I got it for $12.99 at Marshalls.  


DidiLyn said...

First, that picture of you and your grandchild is the cutest thing ever! That smile is to die for, isn't it?
Second, will you please come up and decorate for me? (Notice I said please)
I'll be expecting you right before the holidays.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Connie

First, that notice about Christmas kind of freaked me out. It's coming up soooooo fast!

I'm still busy cleaning out closets, but a girl needs a break, so what do I do? Read some blogs, of course! It's been fun catching up with you.


ceekay said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by! You found some great items for Fall. That plate is beautiful. My hubby would like it if I wasn't a shopper...but I is. Have a great week!

The Berry's Patch said...

The picture of you and Bella is darling!!!! I really wish I could show you how to make a bow for your pumpkin. I swear it looks like a mess when I do it. I'm surprised it comes out okay. I think a regular bow would look cute and also Michaels sells big bows already done. I also saw another blog that had lights inside the wicker pumpkin. I think I'm going to Michaels today to get some orange lights for mine. Your Fall stuff looks great. I'm loving those plates. Did you get those at Hobby Lobby?

Here is the blog with the wicker pumpkins and bows. I think she has a bow making tutorial somewhere on there.


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