Monday, September 22, 2008

Where did the last few days go??

The last few days flew by so fast they are a blur!  I watched Dylan and Bella which is non-stop activity these days.  Bella has stopped taking naps.  I am trying to teach her about a quiet time.  It gives her and ME a little slowdown.  I put her up on the couch in the bonus room with her doll, a book and a couple other little things to do.  As long as she is quiet she can play or just lay and rest.  She also has a soft blanket to lay with.  Most of the time she lays there and seems to rest.  
Dylan is crawling all over the place and if he can find something to hang onto he will stand up.  He is only 6 months!!  Yikes!!  We are in trouble!!

Hubby and I drove down and had dinner with our daughter, Danielle.  Her hubby was in Canada on business all week.  I love having one-on-one time with our children even when they are grown.  They do too!  

Our son, Dustin came home for dinner on Saturday night and dropped off his car.  It's not running right AGAIN!!  It was nice to see him although he didn't stay long enough for mom's liking.

We hit church on Sunday and then I showed Dallas and Selena a few homes.  They want to buy a home soon and wanted to see what was out there.  It is always eye opening for young couples who want to buy their first home.  They want what mom and dad have and don't realize that we started out with what we could afford at the time and we worked hard for what we have now.  They stayed for dinner~nothing fancy and we had peace and quiet at 8pm.  Wow! What a weekend.  

Today, we have a funeral to attend for my SIL's sister.  We met her a few times over the years and last saw her on 4th of July.  She had a brain tumor and passed away about 5 months after her diagnosis.  My SIL will miss talking to her sister.  I think they talked quite often.  

I was busy...that's why the last few days were a blur!  

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Nina Diane said...

sorry to hear about your SIL's sister....I lost my SIL to a brain tumor 3 years ago.....4 months after being diagnosed. I still miss her just as bad today as any day over the last 3 years...sigh


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