Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here I Come Chicago!!

There is more to Chicago than Oprah!  That's what I'm telling myself since the Oprah website says that their reservations for October have been fulfilled.  So Brenda, Candy and I are going to see Chicago without Oprah and we're looking forward to it.  If you know of anything we should definitely see or do while there...just let me know.  This is my first time to Chicago and I am excited. I need to look for a coat just in case it's cool.   Cool weather and Chicago!  Sounds great!

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Cheffie-Mom said...

I was born in Chicago! Here are some of my favorite things to do!

definitely lincoln park zoo -- rent a swan paddle boat, garretts popcorn on michigan avenue has the best caramel corn and don't be intimidated by the long lines up the sidewalk to get in (it's worth the wait and it moves fairly quickly),

the "bean" at millenium park (it's a way cool mirrored thing that you can take the most creative pictures in front of, also at millenium park there are free concerts and the outdoor concert area is outstanding -- you can take a picnic -- definitely go to cheesecake factory in the john hancock building because you've never seen one quite as grand (be sure to check out the restrooms; they are amazing) LOL

also, if you are renting a car, the best kept parking garage secret is right across from the hancock building on a side street (i can't remember the street name) -- go to H&M if you have teens (or like great, inexpensive trendy fashion) -- and UNO's is hands-down the best pizza downtown --
the billy goat tavern is cool (john belushi and dan akroyd made it famous on saturday night live in the 70's) -- looks exactly like it did back then

we also enjoyed going to second city and watching an improv show (you can get tickets during the week -- they tend to sell out) -- there are quite a few awesome boutiques in the brownstone buildings on north avenue (like all sorts of olive oils and salts, chocolates, incredible shoes, handmade jewelry)

the best deli is leonards in northbrook -- so is the best chinese food TRULY THE BEST; schezuan north

if you can get into the intercontinental hotel (at least to see the pool) it is worth the peek -- you will feel like you just stepped into 1940



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