Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy ! Busy!

Our first weekend as empty nesters has been a full one.  Friday night we stayed in, ate chicken tacos, took Speed for a walk, stopped for a cup of coffee at Jazz 'N Java who had a band playing. We drank our coffee, let Speed catch her breath and walked home.  A nice nite!  Dwight caught up on some work on Saturday morning while I took a couple out to look at homes.  We went to the running store for some new tennis shoes.  Dwight needs good tennis shoes as his feet and knees hurt if he doesn't.  The staff watch how you walk or run and then assess which shoes fit you best.  I decided to get a new pair too and they asked me to run, which I did and then the young girl asked me how many miles I run each week.  I laughed and said "None!"  I walk on the treadmill and have tried running.  She felt bad and said why did you run?  I said"Because I could!"  Anyway, I got a cute pair of running shoes for my future running on the treadmill.  After that, we made our way to the Corvette show downtown, had some Chinese food and watched one of our favorite local bands....The Cadillac Cats.  They are so entertaining and good!

Today, we headed to church and then up to my niece, Taryn's(1-1/2 hr drive one way) to see the house she and her husband put a bid on.  They wanted someone to assure them that it was a good move.  They found a really nice home.  We ate lunch at Olive Garden and got home at 4pm.  Dwight is uploading more of our precious stuff on Ebay and I am getting packed to go to a conference for work for two days.  We made it through a weekend together with no children or grandchildren.  It's gonna be okay!!


Nina Diane said...

glad your first weekend as empty nesters went so good......I often wonder if I will ever have that "first" weekend.....mine won't leave!!

Leigh said...

What a great photo~ Fun times- I know that the empty nest years will provide some fond memories and good times to spend with your honey. A second honeymoom period! Enjoy!


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