Friday, August 1, 2008

My new baby?

With Dustin leaving home, I am asking myself "Will I now become a dog person?  You see, I'm not a dog person at all...I don't like doggy breath, doggy smell, dog food smells, dog poop, dog hair on everything and a dog constantly wanting to be touched.  But our bassett hound of one year is becoming my buddy as I take care of things in the yard and around the house.  She has calmed down and is finally not chewing every mat I put outside the back door(although she gnawed on it a little this week), she will stay when I say stay and will not run in the door every time it opens.  She loves to play ball and bark at you.  I always thought that bassett hounds were slow dogs....not this one, she lives up to her name....SPEED!  AND she can jump on things that you just wouldn't think a dog could get up on.  I push all of our patio chairs under the patio table so she can't get on them and I don't have to sit in dog hair each time but she has found a way!  She climbs in the planters at the side of the yard and did she get up there???  Anyway, only time will tell if I become that dog person or just enjoy the dog every now and then.  How can you not love this face though????  I was playing with my new EXILIM camera yesterday and taking random pictures in the yard and she stands in front of me and barks.  So this is SPEED!  She is good company!

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Amydeanne said...

she is gorgeous! lol I know what you mean though! :)


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