Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old Friends = Good Times!!

I met some of my old friends(we've known each other for almost 20 years and yes we are all a bit older!) for lunch today in Glendora where we lived for 12 years.  I moved away 7 years ago, Laura now lives in Texas, Karen lives in LaVerne, Diane and Tricia still live in town.  It was Laura's visit to town that got us all together for our annual lunch at Grand Burger.  The food IS NOT why we meet there....it's tradition!!!  It was great catching up on all of our families and remembering good times.  We all met when our children were in elementary school.  Karen and I met sitting in those tiny kindergarten chairs for a volunteer meeting.  Both of us had a kindergartener and a 2 year old.  We ended up watching each others little ones so we could volunteer in the classroom without them.  The boys all became good friends as did Karen and I.  We had the best PTA times together and later enjoyed bunco and eating out once a month for years.  It was good to see everyone and let's do it again soon!  Missed you Jeanne, Susan, Theresa and Debbie!

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Nina Diane said...

what fun! Always great to get together with old friends.....


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